Running out of time during battles

With all these new kits that are way more extensive and complicated, (way more than when this game first started), there are almost an insane amount of buffs that can be gained during a 5 min span. If you don't have someone to dispell buffs and you're using a team similar to your opponent(s) then you just have to hope and pray you get enough crits/rng to take out your opponent before time runs out, or at least this has been the case for me since I started using my Bastilla/Jolee team, (which everyone else in my shard is also running variations of).

I've counted 10 battles in the last 4/5 days that I've started getting timed out of, when if I only had even just 15-30 seconds more I could get the victory. I don't have a direct counter, (yet), to these Bastilla teams that all run Yoda. What do I do? This type of gameplay makes me not even want to try a lot of PVP battles now if I know before hand that the opposing team is vastly similar to mine. This happens more in Arena but also happens in GA and TW on occasion...


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    that's one of many comps that has good odds to go like that....real problem is only 4x speed and all the animations...doesn't matter how fast u press buttons...:-(
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    Problem is Zeta Jolee. He gets high critical avoidance with high tenacity as is, add in Retaliation and Crit immunity from GK and the old man won't go to the Jedi Senior Center for a couple of minutes.

    Still beatable when you study your opponent and learn when to mass attack and when to back off.
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    Oh I know it's beatable, just sometimes the rng just isn't in your favor and you need just a little but more time to finish them off. I could get behind an increase to the gameplay speed, something like an 8x option would help speed up the overall battle without needing to increase the actual time limits. It's not a complaint about any particular toon, solely that I need just a bit more time in game to do work on my opponent. lol
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    I think the main point is that the 5 min time limit on Arena Battles (both squad and grand) was designed with the original char set. With newer char having massive heal and revive abilities, more time is needed. I understand that battles have to keep rolling so that you aren't blocked from attacking someone already battling. But this only applies to SA. GA should just have 10 min limits. SA could have 6 min, or if you want to get fancy, add 30s to limit the first time you kill each char - max would be 7 min (4x30s), still low enough not to hold up game.

    Increasing battle speed is not enough. Allowing higher time limits allows for more strategy in manual mode. More strategy = fun. It's the whole point a game really. Right now, the short time limit favors building brute force squads and running auto. CG may favor this because it means more $. Good game design should balance skill, luck, and money - a business needs to stay profitable, but right now the game favors luck and money a little too much.
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    Try Grievous. He’ll wipe them clean.
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