Please add a 24-hour Review Period for Territory Battles

Please add a 24-hour Review Period for Territory Battles. Additionally, a stat for Combat Waves Completed for each Phase would be another very useful tool for Guilds


  • Very good idea. It seems necessary.
    Why Territory Wars got it and battles not??
  • Please add a Review Period for Territory Battles in the next QoL update.
  • It's very frustrating after a TB ends that we can't review it. Guild Officers NEED to be able to review Territory Battles once they've concluded. This is common sense. It is a 6 day guild event. PLEASE ADD A 24 HOUR REVIEW PERIOD TO TERRITORY BATTLES AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!!
  • Even a 12hr review period would help
  • CG we really need a review period added for TB preferably a 24 hour period to review progress
  • Our guild officers have been taking screenshots and posting on discord. Please streamline this like tw review time
  • Agreed! It's difficult to gauge progress, especially in phase 6, when there is no review period. How hard can it be to add?!?!? lol
  • Agreed .. add 24 hour review
    Bon fortuna
  • Definitely! The stats are still available before the next TB, so why not let us review for 24 hours. Also, the special mission stats should be for completed and not attempted.
  • Waqui
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    If nothing else, then at least add a review period for phase 6.
  • More frequent Territory Battles would be great too, especially if they had a 24-hour Review Period after the conclusion of Phase 6 ;)
  • Another territory battle just finished, but as an Officer I don't know who participated in Phase 6 and who didn't since the instant TB ends, it disappears into oblivion.

  • ...and another TB has finished, but our guild has no idea what our totals were for Phase 6.

    CG: Add a 24-hour review period following the conclusion of Phase 6. This is so simple. I cannot understand the logic behind not having a period for Guilds to review Territory Battle. We shouldn't have to ask for this at all, let alone repeatedly.
  • Axman
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    Another territory battle finished and still no review period.

    Game Devs need to put some thought into guild management features.

    Access to limited history for TB, TW and raids by guild account would be nice and why can't we sort guild members alphabetically. Some data export tools would be nice.

    Guild stability builds communities which aids player engagement. If players are happy they keep playing. Giving guilds better access to performance data can only help.
  • This is getting very frustrating. Another Territory Battle just finished, but as an Officer I have no idea how Phase 6 finished up because there is no review period.

    PLEASE ADD A REVIEW PERIOD TO TERRITORY BATTLES or provide us with a reason why you won't. I submitted this when we had an opportunity to ask CG questions, but as usual it gets ignored :(
  • I'm very frustrated that after the first ever run of the new Geonosian Territory Battle there is no review period. As an officer I have no way of knowing who participated late and who was a no-show.

  • Agreed this needs to happen
  • TVF
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  • Liath
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    The fact that they still haven't implemented after over a year and a half is my single biggest gripe with the game.
  • I really don't think they even monitor the "Feedback Home" forums. Feels like this is just a black hole to direct our concerns at :(
  • Hey CG: There's still time to implement a 24-hour review period before this current Territory Battle concludes. Just sayin'.... ;)
  • This needs to happen. Especially with the new TB being such a numbers game.
  • TVF
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    It's confusing to me that we have it for TW but not TB. Why not both?
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  • Upgrayedd_VIII
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  • Please add a 24 hour review period. Geo TB is the focus of most guilds right now. Seems like an easy QOL update that would really be appreciated
  • I've submitted this to the upcoming Developer Q&A again (Will there ever be a 24-hour review added to TB; if no, why not?).

    I submitted this on the last one as well, but it didn't make the cut. I would appreciate if anyone from CG or Moderators could at least reply here to let us know that this forum does get monitored/checked...
  • @CG_SBCrumb @CG_Cyanides @CG_154M @Tophat: Can we please get a 24 hour review period added in a future update?
  • Will there ever be a 24-hour Review Period added to Territory Battles? If no, please explain to us why.

    I have submitted this question again to the upcoming Developer Q&A. @CG_RyDiggs, @CG_SBCrumb, @CG_CapGaSP, @CG_JohnSalera, @CG_Carrie: Any reply to this would be appreciated.
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