Please convince me that this is random

I've been farming my Ewoks since the C3P0 event was active the first time. Still haven't been able to get Logray to 7*. I check every single store refresh; Logray has not appeared in my guild store even one time since about two weeks before the event's return was announced. Now there's nothing but a $70 bundle to get guaranteed shards. I need about $4 worth of that pack. Someone please convince me that this is actually random, and not EA/CG attempting their traditional cash grab.


  • VonZant
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    Can get 25 shards from weekly store.
  • Jarvind
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    I'm no computer scientist, but I figure that if these mysterious probability alterations that people always claim when they can't finish a character in time for an event were real, someone would have figured out a way to datamine proof by now.
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    Me and another guildie both finished Logray in that same time period, you just had bad luck.
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