Finn HAAT Team Post-Nerf

I have just unlocked 7* 3PO. Before I start farming for JKRevan (I'm in no hurry), I thought I might dedicate some time to building a solo HAAT team.

Post Finn-nerf will this team still do okay?

zFinn (L)


zRaid Han



I will aim to have them all at G12. Haven't zeta'd BB8 or Finn yet.


  • While we haven’t got to play with it in the wild, in short... no.

    The new kit, as we have seen it

    appears to state that only Resistance allies will trigger the TM gain/reduction from Exposes (on top of the massive reduction in TM gain itself) means that this particular line up is going to be dead in the water.

    I do expect there will be a full solo team of pure resistance utilizing Finn’s new kit, although it may well not be a press auto and done situation...

  • They announced a change would be coming on December 17, 2018. It’s March 11, 2019. It has been 83 days. I would not try to plan out a new team with Finn. Who knows when the changes will actually go live, and if they do go live, if they will be the same changes previously announced. They could be changing something else in his kit for all we know.
  • Better work on a generic Revan - Jolee - GMY - Bastilla - GK team with high speed, potency, tenacity and G12. I have found out it does incredibly well virtually everywhere, so it makes it way easier to focus on 5 toons than developing 60 or more to G12 with proper mods.
  • Revan will be my next major farming goal, but in the meantime I think I'll try and make a quick HAAT team of zJTR, BB8, 3PO, R2 and Resistance Trooper. Shouldn't be too intensive as 3PO and R2 are practically done.

    Hopefully this will do the job at least through phases 2-4.
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