Impossible without Logray

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Ok, I've been trying to get through tier 7 of this event for 3-4 hours over several days, and I'm convinced that without Logray, it's pretty much impossible.

ZChirpa(L) ~ G11, 201 speed
Ewok Elder ~ G12, 238 speed (6dot mods)
ZWicket ~ G11, 230 speed
ZPaploo ~ G9, 211 speed

rotating last spot between Scout ~ G10, 215 speed and Teebo ~ G9, 215 speed.

Event opens with at least 1-3 Ewoks dying before I get a turn, almost always Elder dies every time, so I have to reset. The occassional time Elder doesn't die, both Chewie & Han are stealthed, so I have to fight a losing battle against the commando as he's the only one I can hit, even if I remove his buffs with Paploo.

Unless i can somehow find another 10-20 speed per Ewok, I can't see how I can beat this event without the use of Logray, which I only have at 6 star unfortunately.

Reading other threads about how people can defeat this event with just gear 8 or 9 Ewoks sound very far fetched to me, but if they believe they did it, then good for them.


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    I used the exact same team with those zetas with paploo g11 but elder was only g11. I used g9 teebo over g11 scout I had. At that those gear levels I only had teebo die at most in the opening. So it seems that your ewoks cannot soak up enough damage with protection and health. I modded mostly with protection and health primaries while still achieving 200+ speed so that may have helped also. Also if you look at those with g9 teams unlock 7*, they had the optimal team and/or had insanely good mods so I would not base the difficulty on those min requirements. Rather think 1 or 2 gear levels higher than the min requirements people post to give yourself a decent chance at 7*.
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    Wicket has CC & CD mods, the others are health mods. I just think my speed needs to be higher.
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    Yes, more speed could help but I had slightly slower ewoks than what you posted. It could be my g11 paploo that makes difference from yours... Also, I was referring to the primary stat on mods not the type.
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    EE is all health and protection mods only (speed arrow), Wicket is Crit damage triangle and offence cross, all others have health, protection or defence primaries. no potency primaries.

    I'm just disappointed that unless the Ewoks I have are maxed out with gear and speed, that RNG just might give me a slight chance without Logray, but I'm not even close.
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    Just got it. Unbelievable.

    The trick to winning is to keep using basic attacks which generates more TM from Chirpa's leader ability.

    Nothing like leaving it to the last day to get it done!
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  • potsy
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    I ran the same team as you, scout as my 5th and just made it tonight.

    G12 Zchirpa with all the rest G9/10/11

    Pure RNG, got a good run finally.
  • Sentia
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    FYI for optimal results the fastest Ewok should be Paploo, then EE, then Wicket. Paploo has a passive speed boost so getting him to take a turn as early in the battle as possible so he can call the EE to assist and start the TM Train. Then EE takes a turn using his basic. From there call EE to assist as often as possible with Wicket and Paploo, use EE basics as much as possible. And don't forget that Teebo can give the whole team TM if the TM train is not keeping up.
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