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  • just got another forced update and the slider continues bugged set on max sim. this game is a trash now.
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    Is this some kind of a JOKE?
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    Krashxxxx wrote: »

    Is this some kind of a JOKE?

    is that what you had invested in HK ?
  • Please fix Greedos contract! Im almost done with the quest... >:(
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    Krashxxxx wrote: »

    Is this some kind of a JOKE?

    HA!!! Don't spend it all in one place.
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    @CG_SBCrumb @CG_Carrie
    Good evening, as a guild officer, I find it difficult to understand how many attacks are made by individual players in Terrirory Wars, it would be good if the relative statistics, in addition to the banners earned, also report the number of attacks.
    For example

    playerxxx 20/1
    playerxyy 39/2
    playeryyy 0/1

    Above all to understand who attacked but failed and who is still there waiting and can still contribute

    I think it could be another step forward in simplifying guild management, and I think it would be a small but much appreciated change.

    Something like this would be helpful. Hard to tell if people have 0's because the didnt attack or they attacked and lost.
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    VonZant wrote: »

    Something like this would be helpful. Hard to tell if people have 0's because the didnt attack or they attacked and lost.

    Or also a combat log:
    <Player A> defeated/lost to/resigned vs <Player B> . That way we could see who attacked which squads, how effective they were. This would also help us identify players that "preload" turn meter so we can help instruct them on proper TW behaviors.
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    jkray622 wrote: »
    I'll chime in and say that I like the new slider. If I'm farming a node, I'm *farming* that node, and I want to use all of my attempts. This reduces the number of clicks I have.

    Ideal state would be one where users could select if the slider started at 1 or <max>, but for me I prefer the <max>.

    IF each sim ticket/battle resulted in it's own RNG roll then using max sims would be ok...but there's no evidence that happens and from my experience it's quantitatively worse to do sims like this. Smaller batches of sims = more RNG rolls = more chances to get a good one. I'm sure there's numbers out there that show something similar, but just from experience alone I would say automatically using max isn't as efficient as doing 2 or 3 at a time by some considerable margin.

    You're sure, but did you ever really check? Plenty of people have tracked drop rates over a long period of time. They always arrive at a rate equal or very close to 1/3, regardless of the simming method. Here is one example:

    Besides, from a coding point of view, it makes absolutely no sense to use a different RNG calculation for x sims if x = 1 or x < 4, or whatever you believe happens there. You'd simply call the same random number function x times. Anything else would be unnecessarily complicated and bug prone.

    The reason you're convinced of your method is confirmation bias. If you sim a Cantina node 4 times in batches of 3 for a total of 12 attempts, you might get 0, 1, 0, 2 shards. The last batch confirms your belief, while the first 3 do not and are therefore conveniently ignored. Had you simmed 12 times at once and gotten the same 3 measly shards in total, it would also play into your confirmation bias and reassure you that large batches yield worse results. It's simply how the human mind works.

    Coding could be something like:
    round(SIM# * CG_rand(0,1))
    for each sim group. So each sim group uses the same RNG value and result is just scaled by the number of sims you do at once.
    Thus the _long term_ average might be the same no matter what SIM# you use, but the "variance" would be different during the course of collecting 330 shards. And so larger values may be less reliable when planning out your farming strategy.

    Using this method, a batch of 20 sims would give you either 20 shards or zero shards. That's obviously not the case.

    CG_Rand(0,1) returns a real number between those two values, inclusive, that is why the round is there. So it could very well be this case.
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  • My game will not load & when it does load it freezes.
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