Current team ready for event?

Hey, I need to know whether my current Bounty Hunter 5 is going to be ready to unlock 7* Chewie. I have 6* Bossk (who I hope to get to 7* in time), and 7* Boba, Greedo, Cad, and IG. All Gear 11 except Boba who is Gear 12.

If you need more details, you can look at my characters hereL

Wasn't ready for 7* 3PO because I didn't have Logray or Wicket to 7* and now I'm paranoid. Any advice?


  • I think you will be fine. No Dengar means you may have to retry quite a few times to get an ideal start (R2 not stealthing or leaving Chewie unstealthed). IG and Greedo are pretty squishy so you may need more RNG for them to survive the opening salvo. I would mod your characters for speed and survivability with CC/CD sets on everyone except Bossk. I would mod Bossk for speed and tenacity/survivability (personally I mod for tenacity but that is mainly for TW/GA). I have no clue about the C3PO event.
  • I personally think not much of chance, Dengar is the game changer in this event. Enjoy 100s of tries and if your really luck out on rng then maybe.
  • Last event I had zboskk g12 zjango g11 bobba g11 wessell and greedo g10, got burned, lots of attempts, I farmed Dengar.
  • Dengar, takes Hans 1st hit, no r2d2 stealth, then kill chewbacca, and that's still a challenge. Good Luck.
  • Well, mod based off of Boosk's leader strengths + protection + defense and + tenacity except for putting some extra potency on Boosk and Cad. Obviously doing this between 180 + speed is critical.

    I would be less concerned about + damage as you're needing to out survive. greedo having as high crit chance as you can get though will help you get the payout sooner from his basic's multishot.
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