Chirpa lead not giving TM

I have Chripa with no zeta but otherwise maxed out leadership ability. It should give '20% TM to ewok allies on a basic attack' ...the only one I have noticed TM increase on a basic is from ewok elder using his basic. Even still, it isn't every basic attack that he gives 20% TM to the rest of the team!

What gives... is it only like 50% of the time a basic will give any TM? (ergo not noticed on any ewoks other than elder)


  • Daze....
  • Elder’s basic has a 60% chance to grant 50% turn meter to himself and 25% to other ewoks. Don’t know why Chirpa’s lead isn’t working.
  • t7im9bg2p93i.png

    I think you’re right, I took these screenshots before and after lograys basic attack, chirpa gained no TM and only Teebo went next, I think you’re right, the lead is broken. I’ve got a zeta on Chirpa
  • The top pic is after, before is below
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    You're reading/interpreting it incorrectly.

    Ewok allies gain 20% TM and deal 10% more damage whenever they perform a basic attack

    And that's what the pictures above...logray takes a turn, presumably a basic attack and gains 20% TM as per the ability.

    Nowhere does it say ALL ewok allies gain's just the one that is performing the basic attack that gets the TM gain from Chirpa's lead ability.
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  • That is so misleading lol, they should put “the ewok ally” gains 20%
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