Deathwatch 165m is recruiting now!!

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(SE) Deathwatch.

(SE) Deathwatch is an 165M GP guild within the Secluded Empire Alliance. Within the Alliance we have two sister guilds, (SE) Galactic Shores (150m) and secluded empire (225m).

We are a guild of committed members who strive for success. we work hard for personnel gain and even harder for each other and the guild. Need a few as the game has progressed and IRL commitments a few members need to be replaced as activity isn't what it once was.

about us:
  • 165M gp
  • Hpit on farm
  • Haat on farm
  • Heroic sith on farm
  • 40 LSTB
  • 40 DSTB
  • 3x Zeta for TW win (1 for loss)
  • winning TW record
  • 18* geo tb

we are largely UK/EU based although we do have multiple players from USA and some from mainland EU.

Raid Times:
Hstr 19:00 GMT
Hpit 20:00 GMT (simmed can be done normal on request)
Haat 21:00 GMT

  • 2.5M GP (exceptions can be made for the right roster & person)
  • 600/600
  • participate in guild events
  • Discord &
  • be willing to farm set goals, only when needed. (Very rare)

if we sound like the sort of guild you want to be involved with and take part in an amazing journey join our discord recruitment server (below) and tell us you want to join (SE) Deathwatch!!

look forward to speaking to you soon!!
P.S we have cookies!!

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