All Revan... Stagnant Arena thoughts

It seems to me the the absolute best time for the arena came just after Bastilla and before Chewbacca, but then left when JKR came along.

The arena was actually fun during those few months... anyone could beat everyone and if you had a couple “arena quality” squads to play with, your roster could really shine. There was movement on an hourly basis and no slot was assured anymore.

I’ve watched Revan just wash over, sure you got all that money I suppose but the arena isn’t “fun” when it’s like that. Now the next Revan will come along and the process will be deadlocked for another 4 months. This is a game isn’t it? Isn’t it supposed to be fun? I can’t honestly believe that Revan owners are happy with their purchase, they’re simply relieved to be able to “keep up with the Jones’s”... and they’ll do it all again next month for the <other> Revan.

I would love to get an official answer to this question: Why is it beneficial to have such a stagnant arena? Is it simply just the byproduct of making money? Or was it supposed to be entertaining?


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