Stage 2 of Imperial Might Event

Currently coming across a problem where, upon reaching the final battle of Tier 2, Palp and his RG allies are able to not only stun with incredibly high consistency, but also taking turns very very rapidly. Add the worse of the two problems, Palp's basic attack dealing a whopping 220k damage per attack and that leads to the nexus of this problem. Why is the damage that outrageously high and beyond gearing my Phoenix up more, what other options do I have to mitigate the severity of the stuns? Cause at this stage, once 3 or more of my Phoenix are stunned, it's a case of sitting back and waiting for them to die from a OHKO from Palp's basic attack, unable to do anything


  • Palp is designed to one-hit kill in this event, that's the whole point.

    It's a puzzle - you have to figure out how to control palp and stop him taking turns, while also avoiding being controlled yourself.
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  • Therein lies the crux of the strategize around it.

    Phoenix isn’t the best for this, but it is doable with some luck. If you can can get Kanan’s taunt up before the RGs go on their stun parade, he absorbs them all and then you can use Zeb and Ezra to stun/TM control EP so he can’t blast you. Hera’s exposes help drop EP a lot faster. I used Chopper as the 5th for the extra taunt when Kanan’s wears off to keep the RGs off my back, but Sabine can help provide extra TM control and expose.
  • Cheers for the help, guys, I'll be sure to try that!!
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