Bossk lead question

Do any of the event NPCs have health drain like Nihilus in STR? I like Bosk's 100% protection lead while full health, but if 1 not from someone kills it


  • Nope. No shenanigans besides some seriously powerful foes. ZBossk with Dengar and 3 not squishy BH all g11 is pretty much all you need to take down 7* with some retrys. G12 makes it straightforward.

    I used g12 ZBossk, Dengar, Embo, and Boba. G11 greedo. Barely failed first attempt. Changed strategy and won second.

    Don't try for minimums on this event. When things go south they go way further south way faster than in the C3p0 event
  • I am not trying to minimum, but I am g12iing a less than awesome Ig88. I want the ship. Only reason I went with Greedo was ease of 7*ing
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