Rewards for Raid Simming

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Hi Holotable Heroes,

I saw many questions around what rewards you’ll receive when you sim a raid so I pulled some info together on this topic.

First off, here are the rewards everyone will receive:
  • Shards: 10 Han Solo Shards
  • Guild Currency: 830
  • Credits: 300k
  • Mystery Box: The reward bracket for “Rank 11-15”
    The “Rank 11-15” mystery box will contain these items:
The mystery box will contain one or more of the items above and everyone in the guild will receive the same item(s) from the mystery box.

There’s also a way to check the rewards yourself if you schedule a raid for the future. (You can cancel this at any time before the start of the raid)
Tapping the “Sim Raid” checkbox will show you this information:
Anyone in the Guild can check the rewards during the preview period from the usual Raid Rewards screen:

I hope this helps clarify what rewards you'll receive from Raid simming.
See you on the Holotables!
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