Savage Oppress original Enfys Nest

I’ve been running Savage Oppress with zeta as leader on defense in Grand Arena and it’s been holding pretty well. He’s pretty similar to Nest. But should I have more heath or more defense on mods?


  • VonZant
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    Health. At least over 30k. Maybe tenacity set or cross. His lead gives defense and tenacity. Really the only way to kill him is stun + TM removal or heal debuff so more chances to resist those may help. With 6e health mods I think he can get over 40k health.

    Curious who else you run him with? I use him + 4 random trash toons, but would love to hear if you have another setup that doesnt gimp other teams too badly.

    They fixed his overpower finally to use on enemies at 50% health instead of just 25%, so he should be a little better.
  • I run him with sith trooper and hermit yoda on 3 Vs 3. On 5 Vs 5 I have just random sith there. Hermit heals and gives masters training. I want to gear up Bastilla Shan Fallen and she gives herself and Savage 50% more defense.
  • Sass + Sith Trooper + Savage makes an interesting combo. Attacks that ignore protection coupled with Savage's kill shot ... well you can do the math.
  • VonZant
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    Yeah I run Zaul Sit Sass Sid and BSF so Savage is my odd Sith out. Sid gets the nod there bcause he alows me to kill healing teams.

    And BSF is useable a 3* g8 as long as you have a good tank.
  • Zarris + zvisas mar works well lots of healing , revives , counters , dispels
  • Bastilla Shan Fallen gives defense and tenacity to both her and the sith leader. Should be deadly with Savage until Darth Revan comes out.
  • Killbot5000
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    Always i expect the hate from even the mention... but zluminara works very well with zavage
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