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When a Leadership ability is used to apply a debuff to an enemy, I assume Potency is needed. But whose?

For example, Datcha's Decommission ability reads (at level 1): "Whenever an Ally damages a Droid, there is a 50% chance to inflict Defence Down for 2 turns."
Assuming the 50% chance is passed, whose Potency is used to calculate if the target resists? The wording of the ability doesn't say it's the Ally or Datcha who is trying to apply the debuff; it just says "there is a chance to inflict".

Compare that wording with Chief Nebitt's Raiding Parties ability (at level 1): "Jawa and Droid Allies ... inflict Critical Chance Down for 1 turn on a Critical Hit".
That wording is a bit clearer in that it says it's specifically the Ally and thus, I presume, the Ally's Potency is the relevant stat.

But the wording of Datcha's and others are not so clear. So is it always the Ally's Potency or does it depend on the Leadership Ability in question or what?


  • leef
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    I actually don't know, i always just assumed it was the ally's (the one using an ability) potency.
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  • leef wrote: »
    I actually don't know, i always just assumed it was the ally's (the one using an ability) potency.

    I thoight it was the potency of the leader amd the assist is just an extension of leader for that event.
  • The leader ability gives the ally a chance to apply the debuff. It’s the allies potency that is used. Just like when calling an assist it uses the allies stats for offense/crit chance/damage. If you think about it from a money making point of view for modding a toon. You could max the leaders potency and use other mods to make that toon even stronger.
  • Stenun
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    Why has this been moved to the Arena And Character Strategy forum? It's not about strategy, it's a rules/mechanics question. I'm not asking how best to use a mechanic, I'm asking how it works!
  • Juzz
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    The Character that attempts the action is the one that is game checks. Not the leader.
    Should the leadership states that if is unresistable (like JTR expose) the whole check is overridden.
    In any case, it first has to land (evasion check) and again is made with character attempting the action.

    In fact, what happens is that the leader ability is copied to each character kit that it applies to at the start of encounter (be it an ally or an enemy) and stays there until the end of encounter. Even if leader is defeated, ability stays.
  • There are a couple of leads that boost potency of their allies. Cad Bane is the best. EP does too.
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    I'm curious as to why you used Jawas as an example? I'm all for the Jawa love, but weren't there more common examples to choose from?
    Also, I agree with the other guys - I think it's the assisting ally's potency.
  • Stenun
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    I'm curious as to why you used Jawas as an example?

    Simplicity of their Leader abilties and also I assumed everyone would easily be able to check their own copies if they wanted to.

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