Store packs more expensive in the UK

I live in the UK, and yesterday purchased the Carth/Ordo pack in preparation for the Revan event.
Just after I purchased the pack for £38.99, I watched a few videos online by some popular YouTubers regarding SWGOH and the Revan event. They discussed the packs I had just purchased and I noticed that in the US, the same packs are $39.99, which is clearly cheaper than £38.99.


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    It's not EA/CG that do that. It's the respective operators (Google/Apple).

    I might be wrong, but I think that there is tax on top of the prices shown in the US store too.
  • That's a very good point. It's worth them looking into and clarifying I think
  • EU countries slap VAT on online transactions between EU citizens and non-EU vendors. Here in Germany, the packs are €43.99 (=37.50 or $50). Some companies get around this money grab by moving their headquarters to an EU tax haven like Ireland (two birds with one stone) or opening a second headquarters there. But I guess that's not an option for smaller companies.
  • PS: I'm not usually one to decry the EU (big fan of a war-free, peacefully trading Western Europe), but this really is just a money grab. This market protectionism does absolutely nothing to strengthen our local software and online services industry, which is almost nonexistent when it comes to online gaming. All it does is reduce consumer spending power, which ultimately hurts our domestic economies.
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