Need help keeping ships in top 10 in fleet arena

Right now I'm running:

Chimera 7*
Vader 7*, Biggs 7*, Ghost 7*
with (in this order) Phantom II (7*), HT (6*), Slave I (7*). I have another slot open but I never get to that ship.

Im usually able to get into slot 8, 9 or 10 but always fall to 25-30 overnight and then fight my way back up during the last hour before payouts.

I'm used to having Biggs in because of the long time it has taken to get Hound's Tooth to 6* (and eventually 7*). Also, having Thrawn, Ghost and Vader exposes the opponents Hound's Tooth to the big hit by Phantom II.

There is only 2 original trilogy Falcon's in my shard and they are both 5* with zeta'd Han and Chewie.

Is it time to change my lineup? Something like Vader, HT and Slave 1? Thanks in advance

Here is my squad...


  • You might wanna try Ghost, HT, XB in your starting lineup. Then for reinforcements add in Phantom 2, Vader, Biggs and Scimitar. Alternately, you can have Vader in your starting lineup Instead of XB. Max out scimitar’s reinforcement if you can. Sheathed crits hit super hard under Thrawn, and can help you blast through HT if you’re having trouble with it. Vader basically gets a guaranteed crit, too, since he’s sith. I used to run a similar lineup and would see hits for over 100K.
  • VonZant
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    I run basically the exact same lineup except no slave I. My bench has Cassian and Landos Falcon. I have 25+ Falcons on my shard and can get top 8-20 depending on if I do all of my battles.

    I love Biggs but even at 5* my HT is better so I finally swapped him.

    You won't hold overnight though. I drop to about 30-ish. I doubt many teams can hold on D in current meta.

    Cassian and Lando's Falcon are both fantastic ships and easy to farm. Highly recommended. My Lando is G10 and L3 G12. All Cassian pilots are g8. My fleet power is 370k going against 400-420k fleets.

  • What Dirty_Litle_Smuggler said. Almost everyone uses Ghost, HT, XB in my shard's top 5. When it comes to reinforcements, you have to keep in mind that the AI doesn't call them in order. The fourth reinforcement that you never use? The AI might call it first, depending in the battlefield situation. Usually, tanks are prioritized, so your Phantom will come in second if you use a two-tank lineup.
  • I used to run XB, HT, ITF. Was nice being able to force the AI to hit HT even without taunt. But Ghost in place of ITF is nice for the potency hit as well as the utility that ship brings. Assuming it's developed enough to survive the initial hits.
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