Guild banks

Years ago some online games allowed guilds to store items and credits. Would it be possible to allow guilds to store and bank credits and gear? I understand not sharing toon shards, but the gear donation is direct and limited and when newer members play they can’t always get a good cash flow going. It might be nice to be able to bank credits to help other members when necessary.

I understand that as always someone could rob the bank or stealing all the gear and leave but that should only be limited to officers or elected members so the chances of it happening are slim. Additionally it could open the future to guild modifications or spending credits for cosmetic changes or little boosts like double guild tickets for a day (or even a few hours) or something of the like.

Mainly I think this will help a lot of smaller and younger guilds or newer players when they have a chance to take out loans of credits and get some gear rather than getting maybe nothing 24 hours at a time. I’m also interested in seeing how we can boost larger and more experimental guilds by giving them something to do as a group that isn’t purely combat related.

TLDR: guilds should be able to bank credits and gear for easy distribution to help new players and guilds and allow some non-combat things to do as a guild for more advanced guilds (such as boosting for guild tickets or cosmetic changes).


  • Kyno
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    Please no. Sorry, I just absolutely abhor those situations. It makes leaving a guild and starting a guild much harder than it should be. It also gives guilds something to lord over members or a bigger punishment when they get kicked.

    Just my opinion in this.
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