Defeat 7* Han's Falcon Rebel Fleet without a Han's Falcon!!! (repost)

I am sure there are many notes and videos out there explaining how to beat Falcon and my attempts are based on those concepts.

Plan A (1/2) Tie and Poe knock out Falcon at initial 2 hits

Plan B: (2/2) Tie and Poe cannot knock out Falcon at initial 2 hits

Further details explained at video pages

Capital Ship:
Chimaera: Max
Thrawn: abilities Max, G12 +3, Mods Ex6

Start Deployment:
Hound's Tooth: abilities Reinforce lv1 other Max
Bossk: abilities 1 lv7 other Max, G12 +3, Mod Ex6
Imperial Tie Fighter: abilities Max
Tie Pilot: abilities Max, G12 +3, Mods Ex6
Poe X-wing: abilities Max
Poe: abilities Max, G12 +2, Mod Ex1 & C-B

Tie Advance: abilities Max
Vader: abilities Max, G12 +3, Mods Ex6
Cassian U-wing: abilities Threat Assessment lv5 other Max
Jyn: abilities Max, G12 +0, Mod Ax2 & E-C
Cassian: abilities 1 Max other lv7, G11, Mod Ax2 & E-B
K-2SO: abilities 1 lv7 other Max, G9, Mod B-E
Tie Silencer: abilities Max
Kylo: abilities Scarred lv7 other Max, G11, Mods Ax6
Biggs X-wing: abilities Max
Biggs: abilities Max, G12 +0, Mods Ax2 & C-B


  • Jenjhys
    158 posts Member
    there is many team to win against falcon but when you are in defense this team are useless against falcon
  • Patt_Chun
    5 posts Member
    edited March 17
    ture! but the def isn't that bad. however, this is for players do not want to invest a rebel fleet n use their resources elsewhere. most players already have Thrawn fleet, and this is a simple n quick solution to fight the monopoly rebel fleet w Falcon. so far I see only a few combinations can beat falcon fleet for sure. my sequence winning odds is very high.
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