Rank These Zetas: Barriss, Zaalbar, Wicket

I’m looking to burn a zeta to boost GA/TW, and wondering if anyone with these zetas has an opinion about them?

I run Barriss on my Jedi B team under zBastila; I run Zaalbar under QiRa and have zetas on Vandor Chewie and Mission; and my zChirpa led ewoks are all g12, so faction wise everything’s fairly level.

I would greatly appreciate any feedback. Thanks!


  • Dinotank46
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    Bariss then wicket then zaalbar
  • leef
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    zbastilla lead jedi won't benefit all that much from zBarriss, i do however like the zeta for other teams since it applies to all allies (not faction specific).
    I don't have the other zeta's, so can't give much feedback on those.
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  • Barriss is nothing compared to zBarriss. She's a wasted spot without her zeta (my opinion). Yet somehow I have still not zetad her, despite putting g12 on her. Just can't do it.
  • Tbirds01
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    I only have Z's zeta, and it helps his survival even more, and he’s already a great tank. But I’d go with barriss first.
  • Zaalbar, Barriss, Wicket. I’m going to say Z before Barriss because I think he’s more plug and play and he works well under zCarth lead. Also, zBarriss has never been much of a problem for me.
  • HK666
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    Barris is old, and Zaalbar is good, but not great.

    I'd probably do Wicket, Z, then Barriss. I find ewoks to be a solid defense team. Z over Barris bc Jedi teams is probably gonna be Revan or Bast. Barris doesn't go well with Bast, and if you've got Revan, chances are you have better options than even ZBarris (I wouldn't split the teams, but it's probably possible to do effectively).

    if you have that crazy scoundrel defense team with Z in it, than him over wicket
  • I would say Wicket #1. He is the difference between winning GA with 55 points vs 60 points. Obviously it depends on who you face, but Wicket really helps keep the protection topped off for all the bonus points.

    Big Z next. To be honest I don’t notice much of a difference when I face that team though. I’m either coming prepped with dispels to ignore him, healing immunity that makes it worthless, and/or burst damage to get him down before he’s healing anyways.

    Barriss I simply don’t like in a Bastila team. If you aren’t using a GK lead I wouldn’t spend on the zeta. GK lead gives more health to recover, more defense to survive without protection, and a potential mass assist on the heal.
  • Zaarbal
  • I probably knew better than to expect a consensus. Haha. Thanks so much for the feedback. I think all three are nice to have, and I’ll probably get them all eventually. I was initially thinking Bastila > Zaalbar > Wicket, and was hoping for confirmation. Lol.

    I think I’m going to commit to Barriss to solidify that Jedi B squad (I do run Revan on offense and save Bastila for D; it usually works well in GA). Plus, so many characters in this game crit. She hits like a wet noodle, but that zeta can make for a tough out if you don’t attack smartly. And as Leef noted, it has good versatility.

    I’m not ready for Carth yet - he’s six star and I haven’t started to gear him. Big Z is nice under QiRa and is a front line defense for me in GA. I already have the two most important zetas for that lineup (Mission, Vandor) but was curious how useful Z’s zeta actually was.

    I usually keep my bears for offense, which is the only reason I would rate it as less important (giving preference in shoring up my defensive teams). I prefer to keep them for attack, as they are a great hard counter to KRU and a nice soft counter to BH. They’re also one of my favorite factions to use in game. So fun!

    Thanks again.
  • Jarvind
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    Zaalbar's is nice, but you're optimally running him under either Qi'ra or Carth, both of which already regenerate tons of protection via their lead (Carth zeta required). Mission's zeta is much more valuable than Z's in a decently synergized team.
  • The plot thickens as one of my guild mates thinks Old Ben’s zeta under zBastila is the preferred next zeta in that Jedi lineup. I realize that for Barriss’ zeta to be of any use, the opp will need to have already chewed through protection, but I like the versatility. Plus Barris/GK/Fives works really well in 3v3. Too many good zetas...
  • TaranStorm11
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    I’ve actually found zBarris to be great under Bastila B team as it limits the effectiveness of the main TW/GA counter to that team, namely Talzin plague nightsisters.
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