In the past few days my Sith squad seems Nerfed

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Prior to that I was doing good, with Bastilla Shan fallen stunning anything resembling a Jedi.
Now, every rebel seems to resist my debuffs of almost every type I have.
Clones, Jedi, night sisters all seem to just ignore them now.
My squad are all 85 with all level 15 mods, and just the emperor and Bastilla aren't yet max stars - 1 short.
Bastilla and Vader have the little 1 symbol on their avatars but too often they've had over half protection and full health and been one-shot killed while their strongest special attack doesn't even dent the enemy's protection.

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  • It's possible that the teams have adjusted their mods, geared up more making it harder for bastilla Fallon. I see the same with my revan squad every now and then, same when I was running traya and when I was running cls before that, the arena is constantly evolving even if you cant always see it with a new squad.
  • I wanted you to say that I was right and the game got it wrong :) :)
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