What determines the order of the initial 3 ships?

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In fleets that use Hound's Tooth in the initial lineup, HT is usually up front and therefore gets targeted first by the AI. My fleet used to be the same until I geared up Bossk. Now it's suddenly Ghost who is first in line and takes the initial damage. Why is that and how can I fix it? The order of the ships in the selection screen doesn't seem to do anything.


  • What my insomniac self meant when I wrote this at 4:30 am was the starting formation. Is there any way to affect it and make sure that HT is the tip of the spear who gets targeted by the AI? If not, a simple No would suffice. Maybe it's a stupid question, but I'd really like to understand the mechanics behind this formation.
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    I don't think their position affects who gets targeted anyway. My Falcon is always on the left, but sometimes gets targeted when my opponent's fleet is fast enough to get a turn before it.
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    I was researching this a while ago but my ships were maxed already. It does change when you move them around. But as the other guy said they seem to attack other ships not necessary the one in front. I noticed they attack only attacker ships.
  • The tip of the spear as you say is the bottom left in the lineup screen. That's what I've found at least. It seems to me like they are fixed points, just rotated a bit from what you would expect to see.
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    iirc fleet AI just goes after the weakest ship it can target.
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