Gear 12 Tusken Raider?

Has anyone done this yet? Or would it be a game first?

Somebody out there must have a gear 12 Tusken Raider


  • You may wish to visit Urzatron’s Grand Arena live streams on YouTube.

    It’s Story Time!
  • Get your gaffe sticks, and ride single file to the hall baby. Where it's hot, red hot!
    That and every kraken who has every toon g12 in the game.
  • VonZant
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    Yep. Google Urzatron. Story time!

    Before Bastilla meta, the meta report showed there was someeone that ran 3 tuskens in top of arena, but I dont know what rest of team was.
  • G12 Tusken Raider can be pretty overpowered
  • Fahrius
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    I remember a player called "Bit of tusken" who long ago used them with boba lead, everybody maxed, so yup, since g12 was introduced every toon has benn maxed yet - Discord - Fahrius#1194
  • I run G12 Phasma (L) with G12 Raider, G11 Shaman, G12 Ururororoururouroururur, and G11 Farmboy Luke. They can easily hold at, like, 1200 in the arena. Which is to say: they stink. Nobody on this team, I promise you, is overpowered. Raider isn't bad as a single toon - he sure hits hard. But the Tuskens in general are sadly not viable.

    I mean, I've put them with Thrawn and GK and they do better, but let's face it, that's Thrawn and GK doing all the work there.
  • There are whales with every toon at gear 12 so definitely not the first in game by a long shot.
  • DuneSeaFarmer
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  • Gifafi
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    "They're not human, they're animals...I hate them.." Anakin

    tbf they kidnapped and tortured his mom. Run up get done up
  • Jarvind
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    I aspire to one day run G12 Tuskens in 3v3 GA and put arena-quality mods on them, just to screw with people.

    Jokes aside I think it would actually be a viable strategy. I know I have a harder time with people's "bad" teams than their good ones, because I always aim to bring the weakest team I can win with. It's easy to see a maxed-out zBossk BH squad and go "welp, gonna need to use JTR for this." But Tuskens? What do you even bring to that fight? I've literally never seen one in any PVP mode anywhere.

  • This is why we need Darth Krayt and a Tusken rework to go with him. Gear 12 Tuskens should be arena viable dammit!
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