Raid settings - auto launch?

Our Guild has just started running tier 6 STR. As of right now our schedule is 2x tier 5 followed by a tier 6, so we still have a constant flow of rewards etc.

In the past when launching raids we would use the "launch immediately" setting so as soon as we have the tickets, tier 6 will launch. The problem now is by the time we finish tier 6 we have enough to launch another tier 6 immediately, previously we could turn the "launch immediately" setting off ready for a tier 5 launch while tier 6 was in progress. But ever since the last update we are unable to turn the "launch immediately" setting causing an endless loop of tier 6 as you can only turn this setting off when the raid is not running, but the raid is always running as it keeps auto launching straight away.


  • Have you tried seeing if the option to turn off "launch immediately" appears in that 1 hour window between the raid finishing and the rewards going out? If you cant turn "launch immediately" off during that time frame you might be screwed... Thanks CG..
  • Probably going to have to bite the bullet and abandon a raid or wait and see if its a bug or wai
  • They really need to fix this. I feel bad for guilds forced to abandon a raid in order to change the setting.
  • I'll wait and see if i can change it the hour before rewards, if not will just have to abandon.
  • Having same issue since the update did abandon bypass the bug
  • Same issues here. Wonder if any dev is looking into this.
  • We had this same issue. Need an officer to catch it in the finalizing stage and turn off auto. Kind of ridiculous you can't change the settings for the next raid during the current one.
  • They need to fix this asap
  • Well 2.5 months later this is still an issue, GL had to abandon a tier to set a new tier, how on earth is this not fixed yet?

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