Arena play isnt remotely fair

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When you play your EXACT team but they have 15k less power points...and get beat....Theres a problem...Yes my arrows all are primary speed...Its like some other algorithm is used other than your actual power and it needs to stop...Spent WAY too much money for this horsecrap


  • Care to post your link and some more information about your opponent? Maybe the community can help.
  • UdalCuain
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    Team compositions? Playing manually or auto?
  • My opponent is faster and stronger, it’s not fair that he wins. That is what you’re basically saying. I understand the frustration but your post is too vague to help. Rather than rant about being beat, perhaps a more constructive strategy is in order. Maybe ask for help in developing a better squad? GP isn’t the only factor. Mods can also make or break an arena team.
  • Mods are way more important in a mirror match than GP and speed is king.
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