Suggestion: Squad Arena "reinforcement".

Hello there..

I've got an idea to add reinforcement to squad arena as I would like to have a bit of hidden surprise as we have it already in ships arena which I like.

There would be one extra toon (hidden for opponent until called) selected in your team in reinforcement spot, there are 6 spaces build in already so it would be easier to implement and fight time would probably have to increase to 6 min

Each toon would gain an extra ability to call reinforcement, the ability could start with cooldown of 5 or something smarter if anyone have any brilliant idea to it. After call, new toon would come to play with turn meter of 0. There would be no extra "reinforcement" abilities for the toon, to not too overcook it

At the moment we have kind of chess matches where we can gather and check a lot of information about opposing team. This would give a bit of freshness and tickle our curiosity of whom is going to show up.

Any thoughts about it?
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