When will CG fix the abomination of arena timeouts?

5 minutes to battle in arena is no longer relevant. The frustration is at breaking point in this current state of the game.

Meta teams have always dominated arena and that is fine. Not having enough time to complete an arena match with bad rng brings me closer to rage quitting every time.

My mods are fine. I hover between rank 25 - 75 in arena. Having bad rng is fine. Being rushed beyond enjoyment to attempt to beat the 5 minute countdown is abhorrant.

Please fix this!!!!!!!!


  • YaeVizsla
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    The meta generally alternates between offensive and defensive teams. Some more so than others.

    Kevin is one of the most defensive metas we've had in the game.

    Dr. Evan looks to be one of the most aggressive, and once the Darth Revan event drops, looks like the dominant team- win or lose- will decide the outcome very quickly. Then something less aggressive will supplant Dr. Evan, maybe Jar Jar meta, and then something more aggressive will supplant Jar Jar meta.
    Still not a he.
  • As soon as foresight becomes common place, it creates a lot of timeouts, and Revan has mass foresight. Then you add Jollee's ridiculously stupid mass resurrection, and it becomes a snooze fest. I'm convinced now, that although Revan is OP, that Jollee is worse. I was doing an arena fight where I was literally down to Jollee in my squad, and the enemy had 3 left (I had managed to kill his Jollee), and I won, because his mass res brought all of my toons back and I was able to finish off the fight.
    That being said, even the Traya meta was pretty slow. The RJT could be slow (again, foresight), and GK/Zarriss was agonizingly slow (still not as bad as Revan).
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