Empire Farming for 7* R2 D2 - No Palpatine - Best Alternate 5th?

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I wasn't able to get Palpatine the last time his event rolled around because I was just starting out, but I managed to get 7* Thrawn. My current Empire Squad is: http://swgoh.gg/squads/147807/

Who should I focus on as my 5th Empire character? Is it even worth it to try to get R2 at 7*? Or should I just resign myself to 5/6*?

I will be leveling and gearing the main 4 over the next few weeks to have them at least G8/9 and whatever their level cap is by the time the event comes back. I know their mods are a bit of a mess at the moment, but I have plenty I can swap from my Phoenix Squad so Gear/Mods/Level shouldn't be an issue.

Also, I'm a tad behind on TFP because all of my Cantina Energy/refreshes went to farming KRU and his ship, which are both now at 7* so all of my Cantina Energy will be going to TFP until he's done. I will have Tarkin 7* in the next few days and I may be able to 7* Vader if the Fleet Store behaves.

I though about trying to focus more on Imperial Troopers, but I believe I could have my main Empire Squad ready much faster. Can anyone suggest the best 5th to farm to 7* as a placeholder for Palpatine?

My Empire Characters: https://swgoh.gg/p/819543646/characters/?f=Empire

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  • I think Snow is probably the easiest farm out of all those - and useful later on in a Troopers team.
  • Spacemilk wrote: »
    I think Snow is probably the easiest farm out of all those - and useful later on in a Troopers team.

    Snowtrooper also makes the current Forest Moon event a walk in the park since he feeds turn meter to everyone whenever your team defeats a unit. Plus, he's needed in some DS TB missions. You definitely won't regret gearing him.
  • Thank you all! Snowtrooper will be my 5th! I'll start focus farming him right after I finish TFP.
  • Just a quick question for all: I've been farming Snowtrooper, but through the natural course of farming from shops it's looking like I will have Colonel Stark 7* within the next few days. Should I continue to actively work on Snowtrooper? Is he more necessary thank Stark for the event or will Stark be good enough? My main focus is to just have 5 Imperial toons to 7* so I have a shot at 7* R2.
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