Best lead?

So I'm aware that everyone and their mother is using zzBossk for the event and a few people have been able to use Boba but does anyone have any info on a Jango lead? my stats are below

zJango - 220spd G12 7* all abilities max except notorious rep.

Bossk - 197spd G11 6* all abilities max besides zetas

zBoba - 220spd G10 7* all abilities max

Dengar - 180spd G10 6* 45/100 shards all max except lead and blast & smash and no zeta

zAurra Sing - 174 spd G9 6* 38/100 all abilities max except unique zeta

Any word or strategy to the Jango lead? Should I switch to Bossk? Should I use Boba? Should I drop anyone?


  • Mango has a pretty mean lead. Offensively he is a beast.
  • EffAPublicEyeD
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    Never did like Mango.
    Seriously tho, I prefer Bossk lead.
  • RandomSithLord
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    zzBossk is overkill, zeta on leader is enough. I would save up one zeta just to be able to switch leads in case Jango is not working. I think he should be good enough.

    The team you are going to use has other potential problems than which lead to run. You should take everyone to G11 at least (won't regret it in the long run anyway), to hinder the RNG factor. Yes, there are people beating it with G9-10 toons in their team, but do you really want to restart for hours?
    And most importantly, if you already started gearing this team, just finish it. It'll help you more in GA/TW to have them at G11 than to have a half finished team that proves weak on defense and offense too, while pumping up your GP. 200+ speed on all of them as well.

    Edit: I don't know about Aurra, Cad's stun might be a more reliable addition to your team. He also has a decent ship.
  • It is mostly about survivability if you discuss the 2 leads. With Bossk, you stand a chance to survive even if not on top of your gear and mods. With Jango you deal more damage but must boost your team's tenacity and speed to kingdom come to make sure they survive the initial onslaught and cases where an enemy loop is triggered.

    So I would say, at G12+, top speed, high crit stats, potencies and tenacities, Jango lead gives you a fair shot not only at this event, but also against top PVP teams. A Bossk lead is better for PVE (read where you face dumb AI), since in PVP it is a simple kill-Bossk and wipe out the rest strategy under Bossk lead for your opponent.
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