Any chance for a Guild Renaming option?

hello im a long time player (2.5yrs) and i love this game, i was wondering if you would ever toy with the idea of letting guild leaders change the name of the guild either do to them no longer liking the name or the guild joined an alliance of guild and wants/needs to take on the alliances moniker. i would even consider paying an amount of crystals on a sliding scale (maybe to limit amount of name changes) i can see it working like this

1st name change Free
2nd and 3rd 50 crystals ea time
4th and 5th 100 per change
6th and 7th 200 per
double the amount per tier until they reach a max set amount to name changes

to me it would be a good idea, i know there are some name regrets out there and in some cases its to late to empty a guild to just start a new one with a new name .... food for thought


  • Kyno
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    You can contact support and ask them to change the ame of the guild (probably needs to be the leader). We have done it multiple times, I just have not personally done it.

    Go to EA Help through the in game help button.
  • Options
    Yeah I've heard you can do that ..... But wish it could be a lil more automated function
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