Ready? Starting early this go around.

What do you all think of this team:
G11 Chirpa w/Zeta
G12 Elder
G11 Scout
G11 Wicket
G11 Paploo

All 7* and ready to go. I might be able to G12 Wicket at some point if needed. Should be able to drop mod sets in there to get all speed over 200 as well.

Logray still needs 224 shards so it will be dicey whether I make it or not for NEXT C3P0 event. I also have Teebo at G8 but I just can't bring myself to drop more gear on him at this time. Thoughts?


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    You may want Teebo over Scout. Scout is a good sub for Wicket but from what I understand, Teebo replaces Logray.
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    Stay on Target......with Logray the Event is much easier. Teebo is the worst of the Ewoks so try to get Logray
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    I did it with g10 wicket, g9 pap, log, zchirpa, and g8 elder (and all omegas). Took 2ish hours total over the course of the day I would estimate. So ... if you get logray, you're more than ready
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    You are fine with that team however it is recommended to take Elder Chirpa and Paploo to g12 if you can, and there is pretty much 3 months so....
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    Great. Thanks ladies and gents.
  • Jarvind
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    I think you'll be fine. I did it with the "ideal" team, and everyone was G10/G11. I had to swap in some mods from better teams, but I got it on the first try after I did that.

    Definitely do try for Logray though. He does make it significantly easier.
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