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Hi Holotable Heroes,

We have received a great deal of questions around Darth Revan’s kit so I put together a list of frequently asked questions from the last few days and asked CG_ParkingInstructor, the master of all things Darth Revan, to answer as many as he can today.

  • What happens to an enemy if they have Fear and are then Fractured?
    If an enemy has Fear and then becomes Fractured, they will lose Fear and have their cooldown increased by 1.
  • Can Thrawn inflict Fracture/Jedi Knight Revan inflict Marked/Rey (Jedi Training) inflict Expose if they have Corrupted Battle Meditation?
    No, if a unit has Corrupted Battle Meditation they will NOT be able to inflict debuffs when they use an active ability.
  • Does Bastila Shan (Fallen) inflict debuffs if she has Corrupted Battle Meditation?
    Unique 3 of Bastila Shan (Fallen) states, “enemies inflicted with Corrupted Battle Meditation can't inflict debuffs on enemies when they use an ability”. This means passive abilities will apply debuffs unless the condition is triggered by an active ability. Bastila Shan (Fallen) will be able to inflict Corrupted Battle Meditation (CBM) while inflicted with CBM because it does not require the use of an active ability (Basic, Special).
  • When Darth Revan is leader and an enemy falls below 50% health, deathmark is on the leader. Is a Raid Boss considered a “Leader”.
    In most cases, the raid boss is considered the Leader. In Phase 4 of the Sith Raid however, only Darth Traya is considered the leader. It’s also worth noting that Fearsome Foe has been updated so that Raid Bosses are immune to Fear.
  • Does Darth Revan need to survive being hit for his health to equalized or does it work like Jedi Knight Revan’s Savior ability?
    Darth Revan needs to survive the hit and be above 50% health before the hit landed to trigger the health equalization.
  • Is there a limit to the number of times Darth Revan can equalize health?
  • If Darth Revan is the healthiest ally when they drop below 50% health who does Darth Revan equalize health with?
    The next healthiest ally.
  • Does Darth Revan’s abilities that target leaders, target all characters with leader abilities or just the character that is currently in the leader slot?
    Only the character in the leader slot triggers this effect. This means that you could bring a character in without a leader ability in the leader slot and Darth Revan’s abilities would still target them.
  • Darth Revan’s leader ability says that Sith Empire allies are immune to turn meter reduction. Asajj Ventress’ leader ability says that Nightsisters have a chance to remove turn meter when they damage an enemy and that turn meter removal can’t be resisted. What happens?
    Immunity takes precedence over abilities that are irresistible. Darth Revan’s Sith Empire allies will be immune to any turn meter reduction.
  • Does Stagger’s turn meter removal work on Sith Empire allies under a Darth Revan lead?
  • Darth Revan’s leader ability grants critical chance and speed for each debuff on a character under Darth Revan’s lead. Does this work with stacking debuffs?
    Yes. As an example, for each stack of Ferocity that a Darth Revan’s ally has inflicted on themselves, they will gain the stats for each stack. At max level, this means they would have 100% critical chance and 150 speed added if a character had 10 stacks of Ferocity.
  • If Darth Traya is on a Darth Revan team, will she cleanse the Ferocity debuff?
    Yes. Darth Revan’s Ferocity is applied before Darth Traya’s cleanse.
  • In Phase 3 of the Sith Triumvirate raid, Darth Traya has her lightsaber defenders. If a Darth Revan team deals 50% damage to all three of the lightsabers, does Darth Traya get three applications of Deathmark?
    No. If all three lightsabers are brought below 50% at the same time there will be only one application of Deathmark, because Deathmark does not stack. However, if each lightsaber is brought to below 50% on different turns, and Darth Traya has no Deathmark when that happens, Darth Traya will gain 3 different instances of Deathmark.
  • How many stacks of Ferocity can accrue on a character?
    There is currently no cap to the number of Ferocity stacks a character can have.
  • Does each stack of Ferocity count for the calculation of damage for Boba Fett’s Execute and Darth Vader’s Culling Blade?
  • What does “gain bonus moves” mean in Unique 1: Conquerer: "Enemies can't assist or gain bonus moves if their attack is targeting Darth Revan"?
    Bonus move is a new term in ability descriptions but essentially it means an additional attack with the basic ability. We decided to change the description of this ability to closer reflect what it actually does. Nothing around the mechanics will change from this update.
    It now reads: "Enemies can't assist or attack again if their attack is targeting Darth Revan"

As with all characters, we will monitor how Darth Revan does in the wild for any issues and feedback. We will manage any issues and let you know as soon as possible.

Happy Friday and see you on the Holotables from,

CG_Crumb and CG_ParkingInstructor

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