A Very Specific Guide for F2P Players LVL 1-70

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Hey all,

If you've just started or are struggling in your first week, this may be a great guide to restart on a new account. I will address how to create a new account in the beginning section.

First off: make sure you have a couple of hours to really pound away at the game. You will need the free time.

Step One: Name Thyself After starting the game your first time, you'll get the opening. It is your ONLY chance or else you'll be known as 'Mol Elisa' for all eternity.

Okay, so you've just gotten through the first few tutorials, using Chewbacca and JC to unlock the first couple of Light Side battles. The game has walked you through equipping JC and it's given you the first chance to look around the main screen.

Go onto the next battle of the Light Side(LS) Campaign and hit the 'Auto' option on the top left of your screen. This battle will easily be beaten in about a minute. Collect your rewards after the battle.

Now stop.

You may have some achievements to select on the bottom left of the screen, some daily activities on the bottom right, so go ahead and collect them. Also check your inbox. After doing this, you'll have a lot of extra crystals and some nice shards and goodies if you use a Samsung Android device as the game gives a small bonus at the start.

After picking up your goodies, you'll have around 650-700 crystals(in-game currency.) This is important.

Your first two steps before you do any thing else are imperative. If you're F2P, this is going to be vital to success. This is also going to require some patience and decision making.

Go to the top right of the page where your 'yellow energy count' is with a plus sign: click it. It will ask if you want to buy extra energy and 20 SIM tickets. Go ahead and purchase this for 50 crystals. Only do this once for right now.

Go back to Light Side Battle 1-C you just beat last. There is a SIM option when you click that battle. Go ahead and sim it.

And keep simming it. Spam the button as fast as you can until you just can't SIM no more(you'll be out of SIM tickets.) There will be some notifications as you level up, informing you that you have unlocked 'Shipments', a 'Newsletter', etc. Ignore these until you can't ism anymore.

Go back to the 'Main Screen.' Collect any rewards or 'daily activities, achievements; you may have just earned. What you do next is go to the 'Shipments' tab. The first option is to purchase SIM tickets for 30 crystals: buy it.

Go back to the process of SIMMING Light Side battle 1-C until the point where you have ranked up to Player Level 8.

You just unlocked 'Squad Arena.' Congrats.

It's Decision-time.
These next 2 steps are important.

You have crystals so you will navigate to the 'data cards' section and purchase a SINGLE CHROMIUM DATA CARD. The game in the early stages gives you about a 90% chance of pulling a FULL CHARACTER on your first purchase of a card on a new account. This is important.

Buy the card and hope for the best. What we're looking for you get here is a 4-STAR FULL CHARACTER. If you get a 3-Star character, we can work with that too. If you get a 2-star character or less, we've got a problem.

Regardless of what you pull, the next step is to go into the 'Squad Arena' for the first time. So just click the tab and when you look at the Squad Arena the first time, in the top right of the screen it will show your initial 'starting rank.; I want to explain how this is calculated and how important this is.
The game functions like this: there are 'server blocks.' Which means that each chain is a 'pool of players' for the Squad Arena which rankings are calculated on. These servers fill up with every 20k new accounts. By looking at your initial rank, you can tell how many people have got a head start on you in your 'player pool.'

Some further napkin math here for you: the game has been about 3 months in full force, there have been 10 millions downloads. So approximitely 100k new accounts are added on average every day. That can obviously fluctuate but it's some important baseline math. So we can assume that about 5 new 'player pools of 20k' are created everyday. So a 'pool' should reset every 5 hours or so on AVERAGE.

If your initial 'arena ranking' is under 4k, that's a great sign.

So here's where the decision-making comes in.

If you pulled a 3 star or 4 star character and are at an initial 'arena ranking' under 4k, that's what you're shooting for. You're golden.

If you didn't pull a full character off your chromium pull or you only got a 2 star character but have an arena ranking under 2k, I suggest moving forward and you're in decent waters. If you pulled a crumby character and are ranked at first 5k or 'lower', I suggest 'scrapping' this account and try creating a new account.

To do this, you would sign up for a new GMAIL e-mail address, and when signing into Google Play on the game, you choose an option in the top left hand of the side that says 'log out of google play', log out of your current account... when it brings you back to a main screen, select option of 'log into google play' - and select the new email address you just created by 'adding google play account.'

You will select 'new game' option always when signing into the new account. If you click continue it overwrites your previous game data - never hit 'continue.' Always hit 'new game.

And then repeat the process from the beginning; tutorial, buying sim tickets, simming Light Side 1-C, etc, pulling a Chromium, checking the beginning 'arena rank.' I would say rinse and repeat until you find yourself in a good situation on a 'new account' in a 'new server pool.'

I've timed the process of creating a new gmail address, starting a new account, doing tutorials, getting to the 'arena ranking' - I've been able to do it all on a Samsung Galaxy in less then 20 minutes start to finish.

It's monotonous and about the 3rd time you're fighting the first couple battles with Chewy and JC, on a 3rd new accuont and e-mail, you'll want to weep; it's tough but we're trying to get you in a good starting position as a F2P player.

Okay, so after all of that, you've finally gotten through things and have a decent starting arena rank, you've got a decent-enough character - what to do next, now that we've settled on the perfect account to start with?

Quickly go and 'train' your characters to max, focusing on training and gearing your good 3 or 4 star character you pulled, gearing them with what you've got. Go back and SIM more battles on LIGHT SIDE 1-C until you're LEVEL 10.

Now that you're level 10, go collect any achievements and train/gear your guys with whatever you got.

Now go play your first SQUAD Arena battle; suggestion though. In the top right hand of the section is an option to 'refresh' - there's no drawbacks to doing this it just gives you more opponents. Hit it. You're looking to crawl your way to #1 very, very quickly, hopefully on the first day of the 'server chain/pool of players.' Refresh and look for the best ranked(lower number) opponent you can find after about 5 'refreshes'.

Okay, so you've beaten your firts opponent and have moved up the rankings. It has a 'cooldown' of 10 minutes before you can do another battle. That's fine, we have work to do ni those 10 minutes.

Begin moving forward on the LIGHT SIDE Battle campaign - just go to LIGHT SIDE 1-D and so on until Light Side stage 1 is completed. About this point, you'll have a chance to do another Arena battle; do it with the same strategy and move up them rankings.

You will unlock 'Hard Node' battles after clearing a Stage. These battles have a higher enery cost to take part in but reward character shards potentially. For now, on the first day, don't worry about them.

Train and gear your guys every couple of battles at the beginning here, trying to keep that at the 'Max level.'

Then go to back to LS Campaign and keep working IT UNTIL YOU COMPLETE LIGHT SIDE STAGE 2. Keep alternating every 10 minutes, fighting in Arena until your 'Arena' attempts are exhausted. You get 5 Arena battles you can do in a 24 hour period. Well, for now, once those 5 are exhausted, you can still select an additional opponent and it asks if you want to 'refresh attempts' for 50 crystals. Do this.

Continue alternating between LS and Arena battles, trying to get as high as possible into the arena charts.

Once you've finished Light Side Battles Stages 1 and 2, you'll get rewards, make sure and collect those. Continue pounding away at the Arena battles every 10 minutes. It should allow you to refresh another 5 attempts for 50 crystals once or twice before the crystal cost increases - keep doing this.

Once done competing LS Stages 1 and 2(don't worry about the star ratings 3 star or whatnot right now), move onto the 'Dark Side.' Campaign.

At this point, you should have Talia, possibly your 4 star character you got from the pack and whoever else you may have.

Start going through DARK SIDE BATTLES STAGE 1; again, alternating to do your Arena battles and climb the charts, stopping every few battles to train and 'gear' your heroes.'

By the time you're halfway through DARK SIDE STAGE 2, the battles will be hard if you don't have a full DARK SIDE squad, your 'energy' may be running low, you'll be 'leveling up' more slowly. You should be player rank 15-20 by this point. Also, by doing your refreshes in Arena and gwaring your guys, this should, after a few hours, have you in the top 20 of your arena rankings, if not #1.

So now that you're on the high-end of the arena rankings, the goal is to stay there. Every day at around 6 PM EST, daily arena rank prizes are awarded. If you're in the top 10, especially fi you're #1, you get MASSIVE prizes such as tons of crystals and ARENA POINTS.

Okay, so let's take stock.

You're probably running low on energy, you're beginning to struggle with the Dark Side Campaign, LS Stage 3 later battles and beginning of Stage 4 is pretty hard.

This is where you should be on your first day. You should still have a fair chunk of crystals - if you've gotten all ths done early in the afternoon, you may have just received or will receive shortly a healthy infusion of crystals, if not, you'll get them tomorrow so long as you mind and maintain your arena rank as needed.

Okay so that's the big step - DAY ONE work is done.

After Day one, you're sitting at or near the top of the 'Arena', you've got several hundred crystals and about 10 or so characters max-leveled as far as they can go. Life is good.

Yuo're the King.

Don't let 'training day' fool you. Now the 'work(and play)' continues. It's tough being 'on top of the mountain.'

Now before we move on, we need to flesh out your understanding of game mechanics, terms and strategies. These are the basics you need to understand.

Crystals are the in-game currency. They are useful in almost every aspect of the game. They can be used to refresh battles, refill energy, purchase datacards(which get you characters, character shards, items, etc.), buy daily shipments, so on and so on. They are infinitely valuable.


Credits are the token of the realm. These are used to buy daily shipments, promote characters, upgrade gear, etc. This is very important as these credits are plentiful in the early stages of the game and frighteningly scarce as you grow stronger.

Equipment Gear Pieces

'Gear' is invaluable, you collect pieces nearly every battle you do in the game and when you've collected enough pieces, you can equip items to your characters making them strong and stronger, giving them a wide variety of boosts.

Ability Materials (Ability Mats)

These accrue through battling, through daily shipmens, otherwise, and allow you to 'upgrade' the abilities of your characters. These are vital throughout the game process.

Character Shards

Character shards are tokens you earn from Hard Battles, Cantina Battles, Shipments, etc. When you collect enough of these for a specific character, you may activate that character and they are available to use. When you collect another pre-set amount, you can upgrade(rank up their 'stars') them, as well. Infinitely valuable.

Cantina Tokens

Once you hit lvl 28, you gain access to 'Cantina Battles.' These tokens are used for buying character shards usually only obtainable in the Cantina section.

Squad Arena Tokens

These tokens are awarded daily based on your 'Arena rank.' These are used to purchase very valuable character 'shards.'

Galactic War (GW) Tokens

These tokens are used to purchase(redeem) character shards available in the GW section.

Ally Points

Ally points are accrued when 'borrowing a hero' and battling in different stages. These are used to purchase 'Bronzium' datacards.

Chromium Datacards

Chromium Datacards are available for purchase by using Crystals and will reward either full characters, character shards or other assorted goodies.

Bronzium Datacards

Bronzium cards are the 'freemium' version of the Chromium cards, typically rewarding very low level gear pierces and credits but rarely(1 in a thousand pulls) a full character of good use.

So that's the ground rules. That's what these things are. Now as to their utility, value and strategy - that is included for further research in sections below and will be mentioned throughout the guide.

Day Two

Okay, so now here's where we get to the specifics.

GOALS: Reach Lvl 28, Maintain Top Arena Position

Okay, so on the second day, we'll assume you play in the evenings. You've collected your first (or second) set of Arena Rank Prizes in your Inbox. You should be getting anywhere from 100-500 crystals today if you're near the top of your boards like you should be, after clawing your way to the top the day before. If you're not and only got 50-100 but are in the top 50-100, that's good, you're fine.

It's time to have a talk on 'timing.'

You never want to let your energy be at maximum(or over the max.) If you have energy, use the energy. When you go to sleep, drian it. When it's refilled in the morning, drain it again so you're continuously earning it back - this extends to Cantina Battles, also. Furthermore, Arena Battles need to be utilized as those 'attempts' do have a cooldown time as well and you don't want to miss out on them.

So get in a good routine. You also want to constantly buy the 'daily shipments' which reset every 6 hours, so get the timing right as best as you can. A word of advice, don't spend crystals on heroes or ability mats here as they're too expensive. If you're in a terrible bind and need sim tickets, occasionally buying them here isn't a bad idea.

But here we are, you're working your way through the lvl 3 and 4 stages of LS and DS, you should have stages 2 completely behind you.

Now let's clean up the HARD DIFFICULTY modes of Stages 1 and 2 for both LS/DS Campaigns. That should take all your energy you've built up - so we'll refill it. Which brings us to another valuable strategy.

Allocation of Crystals on a Daily Basis.

Determining how to use Crystals is important. In the beginning few weeks and in general, you'll primarily want to use crystals you've earned from Arena Prizes to do the following: refresh your Cantina Battles ONE time which costs 100 Crystals. You will also refresh your REGULAR ENERGY twice, which for the firts two times you refill it, only charges you 50 crystals a pop.

So that's 200 crystals a day - if you're sitting on the top of the Arena, that shouldn't be a major issue.

So normal routine is refill Cantina once, normal energy twice. If you have a pressing need for a specific character shard or gear or what have you, obviously budget crystals to purchase further refills which will be at an increased price.

Ok, so here on Day 2, we've refilled our energy once or twice, we've crushed LS/DS stages 1 and 2 on both Normal AND Hard Difficulty. If we're lucky, we've cleared LS Stage 3 on Normal AND Hard Difficulty and worked our way through DS Stage 3 on Normal mode., by end of day two.

From here on out, continue to try and progress evenly. Example: Finish LS Stage 3 Normal, go and finish DS Stage 3 Normal, then go back and beat LS Stage 3 HARD, then DS Stage 3 Hard, so on and so forth.

This allows for a solid progression which won't handcuff your ability to equip characters down the line.

DAY 2 SUMMARY: You know how to battle, when to battle, how to compete in the Arena, when to buy 'Daily Shipments', and how time your game activities.
Unlocking a Big Component of the Game

You may have potentially unlocked this on Day 2 if you were diligent, but you should be coming up on Player Level 28.

At this point, as you hit level 28 and unlock 'Cantina Battles', we have to take an assesment of your team and lay the groundwork for long-term success.

Mileage will vary here - it's going to depend on who your 'good' character was you pulled at the beginning.

Day 3 and 4 is where a lot of Shifts happen in the Squad Arena rankings. People are deciding they like the game and are opening their wallets, playing more aggressively. You've caught the early lead since Day 1 at the top of the mountain; now it's time to ward off others seeking to regain ground.

So many won't advise this - they'll want you to focus on more long-term investments up front in the firts few days but if you're F2P, you need to put your foot on the gas pedal and rev up your characters that have an ability to be offensive and inflict a lot of damage.

They'll help you keep your primo Arena ranking the first week.

Cantina Battles are incredibly important but when you start, for a long time, the strategy is simple.

Beat the first Cantina Battle on stage 1 - it an drop character shards for Genosian Soldier(GS), one of the most powerful characters in the game. Essentially, for the next month, this should be the only cantina battle you're doing every day. Beat it, sim it, grba the GS Shards.

You'll earn Cantina Points and what I suggest doing is picking one of two options in that are available to redeem them for - QGJ or Poe Dameron. I vote GQJ, he's an extraordinary character.

So for the first month, only sim the first battle to get GS shards, to activate him and to star him up to 7 stars - use Cantina points earned to unlock shards for Qui Gon Jinn. Strategy there is simple but effective. The battles drop credits, ability mats and exp too which is a nice plus.

Now we need to define a team that will help you maintain your position. You need to look at your 'unique' character - look at their abilities, their leader ability etc. Try to play to the strengths of that character when assembling your MAIN TEAM.

And at this point we want to focus on a MAIN TEAM. Pick your 5 or 6 fav characters, ignore all the rest completely for a long time.

The 3 Common Characters everyone has that you want to focus on making stronger from the start are Jedi Counselor and Royal Guard. Talia is helpful up until level 40 but after that she's useless so don't try to invest too much into her but don't ignore her 100% until then. The 3rd character, IG-86, is a powerful hitter droid with great abilities and you want him super strong as well.

Take those 3, your main guy and choose someone else who would compliment your group nicely and focus on those five for the next couple of days until you unlock GS and get him to 2 stars, at which point you will be running a squad for a lil while after of (Your Unique Character, Royal Guard, JC, GS, IG-86. - That'll be your first week wrecking crew.

I suggest swapping GS in and taking JC out potentially of your main Arena Squad but review your team assembly and adjust accordingly.


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    Unlocking Galactic War

    At Level 40, you'll unlock Galactic War(GW.) This is where you'll earn your credits in the game that you'll need to upgrade and promote characters. It's also where you pick up a lot of Ability Mats and valuable Character Shards. It's a war of attrition and there's 500 articles about how to beat GW because the system has been a little buggy for a while.

    Regardless, the principle is simple. Insure you have several healers at a decent strength(LUMI, JC at first, then Barris, Old Daka, Talia, etc.) And once you hit lvl 50 and beyond, you'll start needing to expand your bench and move away from soley focusing on your main 5-6 guys on your roster and expanding a few others to act as a 'Squad B' to get you through.

    Situations here can wildly vary however, at this point, you'll begin understanding the mechanics of the game and if you have followed my guidelines, shouldn't have much of an issue completing all 12 NODES(Rounds) of the GW Campaign everyday.

    You will earn GW Tokens and I would exclusively focus on unlocking and promoting 'Luminara' from those shards until she's very strong and then focusing on others such as Phasma, etc.

    At this point, you'll have started compiling a fair amount of 'Arena Tokens' - you should be spending this 100% on Darth Sidious until he's 7 Stars before using them for anyone else. Just focus on that.

    In summary, now that you've unlocked all the Game Modes, here's a shortlist of who you should be using your tokens and rewards for in unlocking character shards.
    ***Focus on one of these characters at a time and grind them until you can't promote them any further - if you try to focus on more then one character at a time, you'll spread yourself too thin and will not succeed. I repeat, focus on unlocking and promoting these following characters one at a time in their given token field.***

    GW: Luminara, Phasma, Poggle, IG-86
    Arena: Darth Sidious, IG-88, Ventress
    Cantina Shipments: QGJ, Poe, Old Daka
    Cantina: GS, Kylo Ren, Cuont Dooku, JC

    Beyond Level 40

    You have an understanding of the game mechanics, how it's played, what the utilities are and the timing. You understand the primary characters to shoot for, so beyond Lvl 40 and this general advice, what you come up against in the Arena and what you're working with is outside of my ability to speculate and it's in your hands.

    By Level 40, if you've maintained a top spot, in the top 20 of the Arena, you SHOULD be good to go barring some people dumping hundreds or thousands of dollars into the game after a couple of weeks (which isn't exactly rare) but you've done the best you can. Now it's all about analyzing the 'syngeries' within the team you've composed.

    I have some final General Tips to Provide.

    1) Never spend Crystals on Credits - the ROI(Return on Investment) is terrible.

    2) Don't get 'caught up in the moment.' The Yoda event was a primary example of people being sidetracked from assembling a strong team and roster of charactes by benig forced to supe up 5 JEDI's(and the selection can be lacking in most cases), just to unlock Yoda - who is an amazing character, by the way.

    It's just not worth spending 2-3 months unlocking Jedi you don't really want/need to get - he'll be around for a while, don't sacrifice your long-term goals for the 'flavor of the month.'

    3) ALWAYS complete the Daily Activities even once you hit LVL 70 or 84 or whatever the Level Cap may be extended to - they're easy, relatively quick to complete and never pass up a chance at freebie crystals.

    4) Love the Grind. When you get to having to equip your characters into 'Gear Sets' of lvl 8,9,10+, you'll spend days and weeks simming battles just to obtian the gear you need - it's monotony but the grind is worth it. Don't give up; the exception is not giving up. Be that rarity.

    5) In the next several months of playing this game you shouldn't be heavily investing any time or effort into more then 10 characters, 5 or 6 in the first 5 weeks or so. You're going to end up with 20-40 characters after a couple of months - that's fine, don't spread yourself thin.

    6) Focus on Team 'Synergy' and how the characters abilities will interact with eachother - you can easily have a 'so-so' character on his own merits who quickly becomes a monster asset when paired with the right squad mates. Assembling a Squad is like baking a cake - gotta have the right ingredients.

    HELPFUL WEBSITES(Squad Ideas, Character Stats, News, Spoilers, etc.)

  • Everytime I start a new game, I'm in 14k or lower in arena :/
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    Is there anything wrong with the Jawa you get early on? I have used him through 40, and he has always had high damage without a dropoff compared with any of the other starters.

    I don't see any of these guides talking about him, so I thought I would ask.
  • Excellent guide for first-timers, would highly recommend they read this before starting up. I have two accounts and began my new one wanting to try different things, so I didn't go for Sid there and still don't have him up to today. But am doing fine, though only because I have learned from my old account and have a more efficient grasp of things.
    ivlianvs wrote: »
    Is there anything wrong with the Jawa you get early on? I have used him through 40, and he has always had high damage without a dropoff compared with any of the other starters.

    I don't see any of these guides talking about him, so I thought I would ask.

    He's fine early on, but eventually he becomes too squishy to maintain as a contender except for light side battles, and even then I've already replaced him with more formidable folks. Damage output is indeed quite good but he tends to die easily and his abilities are of limited usefulness unless you're fighting droids. He's also much slower than a lot of the field.
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    Unfortunately, Dooku is now out of the Cantina in mine. Not in Shipments, not in Battle store.
    Meanwhile, down on the farm....
  • Randall
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    Finally rolled enough alt accounts to get Rey with the first single pull. That was sadly last night about 11pm, I got to bed at 4AM after I burned through 3 refills and all. I set it to Alaskan time so I wont have to Arena at work anymore! IF the next few days go well I may dump my lvl 70 top 20 arena main account I have had since launch day that I spent like $40 on just for better Arena time...well and hopefully getting so far ahead of the curve I can hold rank 1 in arena. Sadly I only got 5 fights in yesterday before reset, that hurt. got 10 fights in today and made it to 580, so top 100 tomorrow and #1 by Monday is the plan.
  • I am currently trying to roll a lower position on a new shard. On my 4th new Apple ID, and it is at 15000, going to wait 4.5 more hours! So far I rolled an ewok, and 2 Jawas as my purchase chromium character, but if I can get a low position, I will take a poor character and deal with it. I hope to get GW going as soon as possible. I am deleting the new yahoo email accounts after they fail me in WA h new Apple ID. Also, I seem to make it to Arena (level 8) easier by using my SIM cards on battle 1-D. This guide is very helpful, thanks!
  • Messing around with my gf's android, I tried an alt account, but it only granted me around 300 crystals, from which I used 50 to purchase refill and sim tickets, meaning that it's impossible to get enough currency to pull out a chromium card...

    How did you guys do it?
  • Randall
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    DieInFire wrote: »
    Messing around with my gf's android, I tried an alt account, but it only granted me around 300 crystals, from which I used 50 to purchase refill and sim tickets, meaning that it's impossible to get enough currency to pull out a chromium card...

    How did you guys do it?

    you need a samsung device (or bluestacks) for the bonus package with 400 crystals. This will get you 700 for 2 character pulls or 1 and some refills. Not to mention some shards (RG!) and IG-86 unlock.

    I have been unable to take #1 on my alt account from the whales. 2-3 star levels and 2-3 actual levels is all but impossible to overcome when you are still rocking Chewy lead.
  • pac0naut wrote: »
    Unfortunately, Dooku is now out of the Cantina in mine. Not in Shipments, not in Battle store.

    He's in Cantina 6-F or G idk but for sure it's last.
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    Randall wrote: »
    DieInFire wrote: »
    Messing around with my gf's android, I tried an alt account, but it only granted me around 300 crystals, from which I used 50 to purchase refill and sim tickets, meaning that it's impossible to get enough currency to pull out a chromium card...

    How did you guys do it?

    you need a samsung device (or bluestacks) for the bonus package with 400 crystals. This will get you 700 for 2 character pulls or 1 and some refills. Not to mention some shards (RG!) and IG-86 unlock.

    I have been unable to take #1 on my alt account from the whales. 2-3 star levels and 2-3 actual levels is all but impossible to overcome when you are still rocking Chewy lead.

    Did the Samsung pack end? I don't get it on new accounts
  • @DarthCyren this guide has helped me immensely. I am F2P and I always cashout in the top10/top20. Thanks for the effort!
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    Level 26 rank 72 with a refresh of 100 before prize. Started account after prize last night so it will be my first one.

    Great guide
  • Will be updating guide tomorrow - watch for it!
  • DarthCyren
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    Updating in progress, feel free to PM me, or if you would like my guild, the Gallifrey Ewoks are recruiting active players regardless of lvl, always happy yo help!
  • Your guide is really helpful, thanks for your amazing works.
    Could you update it with the latest patch please.
    I'm new but active, how can I join your guild? Because I think there is no search function to find guild.
  • You need to be a certain level to join a guild iirc.
  • Eddiecwh
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    I just tried this, why is it that I only have 302 crystals? instead of the 650-700 you stated. I have done everything
  • Any updates on the initial crystal count? A bonus 400 would be nice, I too only have 300 as a starting bank.
  • The crystal count is a bonus on Samsung devices, there's a lot of out of date material in the guide and I need ro update it, getting sidetracked. The basic principles of the guide still work but there's a lot of new modes which can make it better
  • After a few crappy attempts: JC twice (converted to 7 shards), Ewok Scout 1* twice and even Chewie, who is all in all decent, 3* and all, but you already have him (so he also gets converted to shards, 25 of them) I finally drew 3* Hoth Rebel Scout and got initial arena rank of around 2,6k.
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    I used this tutorial to great effect, as I'm still in the top 10—and usually top 5—after 10 weeks, as a 100% F2P player. There are some things I would do differently, however, and one of the big ones is picking a few different characters. I've bolded the changes I would make.
    • GW: Lumi, then Phasma
    • Cantina nodes: GS (1-A), then Old Ben (2-F)
    • Cantina shipments: QGJ, then Fives or Daka
    • Arena shipments: Leia, then Ackbar (they work well together), then ST Han. Alternatively, some might want to go straight to ST Han, especially since he pairs pretty well with Old Ben. In any case, Sid is junk.
    • Guild: Rey

    I think there are also a few ways to game the arena that may help. You really want to have as few other people from your time zone in your arena, as this means you won't be sniping each other at payout time. I think there are a couple of ways to ensure you get few direct competitors. For one, you can set your device to an obscure timezone (but make sure the refresh and payout times work for you): I doubt there are that many players in Hawaii or Alaska or Newfoundland or Cape Verde, for example. Secondly, if arenas only contain five hours worth of players, creating your account when most people of your chosen time zone are asleep probably means that your arena will be full of people from other parts of the world where they are awake: people from your chosen time zone probably aren't creating new accounts at 5:00 am on a Sunday morning. By using these tricks I think you should be able to avoid competition within your time zone.
  • I'm only on Day 2, but I'm planning ahead.
    I haven't figured out how to look at the character list by role (Healer, Tank, etc.)
    Who should I sub with what character as I unlock them?

    For example, you say the first crew is: My Unique Character, RG, JC, GS, and IG-86.
    So who does QGJ, Sidious (or whoever the third unlock will be) and the rest switch with?
    Many thanks for this write up.
  • You should update this guide again. Great guide!
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