Ewok scout effectiveness

While my logray is still underdeveloped to use on the c3p0 event I used ewok scout to replace him as I use chirpa, wicket, Paploo and elder as my team. Despite all the talk of logray being the better teammate which of the 2 is more effective overall? While scout does more damage logray is more focused on preventing enemies from attacking.


  • Tomaj
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    If I had to choose between scout or logray, I'd take logray because his daze is extremely helpful. his buffs make your team hit harder which makes up for the damage or of scout partially.
  • Mephisto_style
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    My scout is turning out to be a hard hitter. 19000 critical hits and growing on a b1 droid in 9c hard battle, 20000 on the toons in vet Han cantina node. He is gear 10. Physical damage at 2900 with blue and purple mods at 170 speed. I have a feeling if I g12 this team he is going to be assisting with a lot of 20000 basic crit.
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