Last update brought back serial TW crashes

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4 teams lost in today TW due to crashes.
3 in previous TW.
3 Haat solos lost due to crash in P4.
Several fleet arena battles lost due to crashes.
Some casual crashes in home screen or while watching inventory....
iOS 12.1.4 (updated), iPhone 6.
I just posted this on Answers HQ, and many other players had the same problems.
All with iPhone 4-6s.
They are investigating it seems... but this was clearly a consequence of last update ad should be fixed as soon as possible.....

Edit: I checked again Answers HQ, and also other phones are affected.


  • Or the game has exceeded the compacity of those phones on my old phone galaxy s7 it was getting slower and started taking longer to load and haat solos would crash also swapped to the galaxy s9 and no issues
  • We face that now. Have lost 4 battles without even being able to fight.
  • leef
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    super duper annoying.
    Save water, drink champagne!
  • Having the same issue.
    Any help would be appreciated.
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    Please report all bugs and issues to Answers HQ
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