Traya without unique zeta on DR team.

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So if you don’t zeta trayas unique ability, she will not dispel rebuffs from your team. I wonder if traya in a DR team without the zeta would be stronger than a full sith empire team. Thoughts?


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    I'm thinking not, because she won't get Ferocity and will be painfully slow compared to the rest of the team. DR is a "kill everything before it has a chance to kill you" team, whereas Traya is designed more to steadily choke the other team to death.

  • Yeah traya not so good on the team however ive seen success with sion nihilus hk47 bastila fallen and revan. Problem is surviving the intial attack from jedi revan since darth revan is so slow before ferocity
  • Sorry to resurrect old thread, but does this have potential as a time out squad against other dr’s on defence?
  • DR mirror matches are half-minute long. Adding another toon in the mix won't extend the fight for another four and a half.
  • Humor for a second. What if you had traya lead (no zata lord of betrayal), darth revan, fallen bastila, emperor palpatine, and darth malek/sith trooper (the red one)
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