GA replay

So I know this will likely be difficult to do, but could we possibly get the ability to watch how our teams do in GA and TW. Like it’ll record the battle when our opponents attack and store it so we can watch them for the rest of the event? I would really like to see what my opponents do to help me strategize.


  • I think this is a FANTASTIC idea!!
  • AIWA
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    ohh yes pls pls
    Gibst du jemandem die möglichkeit zu fliegen, dann musst du **** rechnen das er fliegt!
  • That sounds cool
  • Absolutely the best idea
  • Mrboma
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    Replay is a cool idea, but I don't think it is feasible. However, they could at least tell us what squad(s) were used against each of our squads and the result of the match-up (banners won).
  • If you’re asking “which squad one-shot this team?” then that’s useful info
    But when multiple squads are used, knowing the last squad often tells you nothing; you’ll want to know what wore them down, especially if that’s down to one toon. Even then there’s no guarantee you’ll identify which toon(s) in the attacking squad did all the damage.
  • We asking since years for a battle log. Maybe we will get something with an QoL update in the distant future but I won't bet on it.
  • rokota
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    A replay would be cool but i don't think that it is possible anytime soon.

    All battles running on our devices, not the server, and only the battle results will be transmitted after the end back to them so it would take a lot of data to be collected (and restored!) if you want to re-play a whole battle.
  • well replay would be amazingbutat least a report would be nice
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