I Already Hate Maanan Enough, I Don't Need Your Help

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Now granted I know I need to spend awhile redoing my mods, but a team that is almost entirely gear 11 (just need one more Mk 4 Seinar on Canderous to get there) should not be having so much trouble on tier 5.


  • Try killing the two and turrets first then killing the big one in the middle
  • Jarvind
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    Tier 5 is by far the hardest tier. If you can beat it, 6 and 7 are a cakewalk.
  • Yeah, after beating 5, 6 and 7 seem like content you would have to be actively trying to lose to have any shot at failure.

    The title of the thread is very funny though. Manaan was also the most painful part of KOTOR, so it's fitting that it was the frustrating part here as well.
  • Ahto city’s music was dope tho
  • Please, under any reason, do not kill all the robots before going after the big guy! Im serious, his cooldown will reset to 0 and decimate your team!
    Get good and get a Revan. Ryanwhales
  • It took finishing Canderous to 11, doing some 11+ upgrades (though no one to 12), mod rearranging and a bit of luck, but got through Maanan and then the event. For the final Maanan battle, clearing all but 1 of the smaller enemies, then focusing on the big one. Honestly my bigger problem before had been getting that far without losing one or more characters.
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