Feedback plus a comment


I have both a comment and some feedback to provide. First, for my comment. I would like to say that the Darth Revan event was one of the most fun and challenging events I have experienced in this game! As someone who has been playing almost since day one, I have always appreciated the love and attention you have put into both the characters and the game, so thank you!!

For my feedback, this is mostly relevant to journey events. I have two accounts in two different guilds. While I cannot speak for all guilds, both of my guilds have expressed they would love to see alerts in the guild chat box when someone activates a journey character, similar to “Joe has promoted Bastila Shan (Fallen) to seven star”. Also, while I am not an officer, it would help the officers keep track of how everyone is doing with the event, who has the character and allows them to offer encouragement to those who are struggling. I think a small change like this would be easy to make and fun for guilds so they can see their guildmates’ progress.

That’s it for now. Thanks for all you do, and may the force be with you. :smile:
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