Does anyone care about the paying customer?

I'll try this again...

I'm a paying customer, playing this game. Unlike the masses of F2P players, I think spending cash on this game supports the developers and the existence of the game itself. I have spent over $1000 on my main account prior to the Darth Revan event.

In previous Journey events, the difficulty in acquiring the character ("toon" as we say) lay, for the most part, in farming the toon shards for the necessary team. This has been true for CLS, RJT, and JKR. A reasonable person would assume this would be the case for DR. It is not.

So i spent another $350 yesterday, to gear my unlock team to previously unheard-of levels for such an event. EVEN WITH THE GEAR, I cannot pass T5 of the event. Even following the reddit guide of a personal friend of mine, who unlocked it with less gear than I have. Of course, he spent 5 straight hours trying over and over to get the perfect RNG.

I feel ripped off. Cheated. Hours of my time, hundreds of dollars, wasted. No DR to show for it.

I could purchase game content with hundreds of hours of fun play for the money I spent just yesterday.
Does anyone in this company care that this is how a paying customer feels?


  • Waqui
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    You have a week left to improve your team or to improve your strategy in the battle - or simply to have better RNG.

    Sometimes new characters/events are gated by the characters neede for the event, sometimes by the strength of those characters - and sometimes by both. Nothing new here.
  • Gifafi
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    what's your team?
  • G11 Fallen Bast with zeta'd Sith Apprentice
    G12 HK
    G11 Carth with zeta'd leadership
    G11 Canderous
    G9 Juhani
  • You have until Sunday to study the several YouTube videos on D Revan.
  • None of the replies to this topic address the complaint. I'm not saying "it's not fair because I can't beat it"

    I'm saying "it's not fair because this Journey is much harder than the previous 3, and someone who paid for the gear to beat the previous 3 would still fail at this one"

    In other words, they are intentionally manipulating the difficulty of Legendary and Journey events to keep people guessing about how much to gear, or omega, or zeta. I believe this generates more crystal purchases, so it is a profitable strategy. Unfortunately, it makes the source of those profits (i.e. ME) feel ill-used, and to a degree, cheated.

    And if you're a member of the community who disagrees, I don't really care. I want someone from the company to explain why they treat their paying customers this way. F2P is a different thing.. you get what they give you. But P2P players have a right to expect some fairness, and perhaps an apology when they have been unfairly treated.

    And no one has responded to that. Just as an addendum, what about my observation comparing the investment in crystals to a similar investment in AAA console games? One $80 PS4 game contains 15-200 hours of play. Some of it may be challenging, but none of it impossible. But in this game, the purchases don't even yield the intended result. You might think you are buying the Darth Revan unlock, based on a year of playing the game and unlocking CLS, JKR, and RJT. But no, you aren't.

    So I'm wondering if anyone will admit that this uncertainty, this changing standard, is a strategy to yield profit, or provide some other explanation. I've been gaming since Pong came out on Atari. And this P2P model seems problematic. It's not bad to sell people features, exclusive toons, or experiences. Selling people imaginary currency that doesn't even buy (or enable the unlock of) the imaginary character they want? That's a bridge too far.

    I do propose a resolution. CG could, in announcing the event, simply state the required gear and ability levels, just as it does the star level. People could then make purchases with the knowledge that they will be receiving value for their money.

    If the return of value for investment is uncertain, then that is gambling. And governed by very strict laws. Am I buying spins on a wheel? Or am I buying a known item?
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