350 EA layoffs?

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...are we losing anybody in our little CG-corner here? Any known impact on this particular game or its team?


  • I wonder if Disney reopening lucasfilm gaming has anything to do with this?
  • EA_Rtas
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    Alright folks I'm going to go ahead and step in here and say, discussion about this is obviously going to happen so I'm leaving this thread up but I've already had to remove some posts.

    Joking about this situation isn't cool, despite what you think of particular employees, SWGOH or EA in general these are real people like yourselves.

    If further posts of this nature are made then I'll be locking the thread.
  • Seriously. I'm 60 and career IT. 2 years ago my job of 12 years ended with the company closing. Scary to say the least.
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  • DocDoom
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    My main interest (other than knowing whether the game itself is going to be impacted) was whether any of CG's folks we know through this game/forum might be going away.

    I would hope, if that were going to happen, they'd be given a decent chance to say some farewells, take some bows to the appreciative players (yes, there are some!), etc.
  • It's times like these that define us. Facing them, living through them, and coming out the other end. To any and all effected by this, you will get through it. And with luck you may find an entirely new path and start living the life you deserve. Hopefully not game related because, well we're a bunch of entitled whiny babies (players).
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    Is this a response to the current state of this game. Or does it has anything to do with the new Rein Johnson trilogy and possible Darth Raven story line created by CG/EA in KOTOR.
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