Auto claim For Bronze Chromium Cards

Wouldn't it be nice for them to insert an auto claim or an auto mode for Bronze Data Cards. It's fine when you can cash them in for certain items in the weekly shipments, but it would make it easier on your hands, or if you could multitask, because if something came up at the last second, you could set it up, and it will do the skipping and claiming for you...
I allow it grow up to 50k, and would be nice to auto skip without needing to press "Buy 250", then "Skip", then Buy 250, then Skip, then Buy 250...
See my point?
I don't want to sound ungrateful, but it would be nice to clear that up if possible?


  • Yes, it would save much time to be able to "sim" the Bronze Data Cards similar to how one can sim battles.
  • KyJoe_Cool
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    Not the first thread about it. Would be a huge time saver.
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  • I agree, and yeah, sure, the max payouts to get stuff like materials and gear components are fine, but collecting all of them without having to be by your phone would be nice, plus, it helps with some gears, credits (because it's tough as is to get enough for most options) and shards whether it be for Characters or filling up your shard tokens in order to afford better gears in the Shard shop that you're needing more.
  • AntiFunn
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    +1 and what KyJoe said.
    I also did a thread on it way back. Dont understand why they aren't implementing this
  • It would be so much easier if there was a slider for how many ally points you could spend in one go rather than hitting buy, over and over again.
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