Returning Player need strong allies

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Need strong Allies to help me
Friend code 463-566-431


  • KM1
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    Why would you return? Haven't you seen? CG is nerfing the entire set of F2P leads and toons.
  • I'm the leader of Team Havoc - A new guild aimed at bringing in players interested in Territory Wars and Weekly Raids. This is a friendly guild with fair rules and a leader who is dedicated not only to help build the teams strength but also their knowledge. The only requirement to join is that you are level 75 or above. The rules to remain in the guild is no hostility towards one another and must not be inactive for a period longer than 5 days. If interested please message me back. You can also reach me on FaceBook at 'Team Havoc HQ' or on Twitter at @NehjasJangai
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