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Hey guys I'm a newbie, started about 5 months ago (22nd October 2018 to be precise). I've recently been using an empire team for squad arena zEP vader thrawn gmt tfp. All are g11 except thrawn at g10. All zetaless abilities are maxed and ep zeta leader. Everyday before pay out I'm able to reach top 200 but I always end up at 300++ rank the next day before payout. While I still get my top 200 rewards it's just frustrating to have to grind a 100+ spots everyday. I was wondering if anyone can give me any ideas as to how to make my squad not so weak on the defense without making too many changes (if possible)


  • My first thought is that you really need a good Empire or Sith tank to replace ftp.
  • Thanks beb, I was planning on swapping out tfp and ultimately gmt. Unfortunately the only empire/darkside tank I have is Royal guard. I'm considering sion and badstilla, but with DR release I feel like badstilla should be my main focus atm as I have neither character and badstilla is required for DR.
  • One of the best tanks you can get early on is KRU (Kylo Ren Unmasked). He has no synergy with your squad, but he's a great plug-and-play tank. I've even used him in a Bastila squad for a while. He taunts, stuns, self-heals, and is rather difficult to kill even at lower gear levels.

    But the best thing about him is that you can farm him and his ship on the same 10 energy Cantina node, which helps enormously in the fleet arena. Like KRU himself, the TIE Silencer is quite tanky and can take a beating. But it also does devastating damage if it has Advantage. He's definitely worth farming, even if you're not planning on getting a full First Order team anytime soon.
  • Thanks DD. I do have KRU on 5* (the rest of fo team are phasma 7*, foo 7*, foe and og kylo at 4*).my GP is only at 600k++ but i have my fo (and IT) squads as a pet project. I was interested in fo to ultimately get RJT but unfortunately with the veterans being so hard to farm, I decided to put fo on hold (hence why they've been moved to my "pet project" category)

    Now back to the topic at hand, while I do agree that kru is a good tank unfortunately he is neither empire nor (sadly) sith, and therefore lacks the synergy with my current empire squad. Furthermore this also doesn't give vader his +8 speed which I find to be extremely crucial in my current position in arena (i face a lot of empire teams) as I need vader to be able to get the first turn and use force crush immediately to slow down the opposing team(my vader currently has 222 speed, I've invested all my speed heavy mods on him) . While I would love to continue farming KRU, I have put him on hold as I'm using my entire cantina energy atm on ordo for DR. With ordo requiring 12 energy + not so good drop rates, I do not think I'd be able to farm KRU, at least until I've 7* Ordo.

    Thanks for not only giving me this valuable advice (i hadn't put much thought into kru's use outside fo prior to reading your comment) but for also taking the time to read my original post and replying.
  • I see you are farming Ordo...

    Let me assume for a moment you also have BSF on the backburner. Let's do the maths:

    BSF > TFP

    1. Bastila Fallen is Sith, giving Palpatine synergy and Vader speed
    2. BSF can multi-shock every other turn in the right conditions
    3. She uses fear to cripple the enemy's offence
    4. CBMeditation also stops the enemy offence
    5. She gives massive benefits to Palpatine, much more so than TFP

    From the state of your Ordo, she's probably not arena viable yet for you but is definitely worth consideration.
  • The AI with BSF seems to be pretty good too. Don't swap out Tarkin yet, as he halves their offence with intimidation tactics and also removes TM. As you mentioned before, you need Vader to be first against Empire enemies but Speed Down doesn't make a difference when they're at around 90% TM. Try putting Tarkin with all the speed mods, as he takes away TM and helps you survive the initial volley.
  • You're a newbie? I played for a year and haven't even cracked level 82 or gotten a zeta. My palpatine is barely G9
  • I am attempting to get DR next round so to answer your question, yes BF is being farmed. Unfortunately she's not even 4* so atm I can't really use her. But I have plans to start gearing and possibly using her in arena once I hit 5*/6*.

    Wow that's some heavy badstilla vs tfp analysis. If I wasn't sold on her before, I definitely am now. Thanks for that. Also for your gmt tips. I never thought about it in terms of tm removal. It might be a bit cumbersome to rearrange the mods but transferring some speed mods over to GMT will be on my agenda.

    As for my level, being a F2P player I've been hitting every payout since I started. I barely miss any bonus energy payouts (probably an average of 1 per month). However for the most part, it's because of the guild I've joined. We're a small guild (around 60million gp) but a fairly active one. 1 pit every 3 days, 1 haat every 4 days and tier 6 sith raid every 4-5 days. And since joining this guild, we've only lost one TW that I can remember (so that's about 1 zeta rewarded each tw) . While this may seem like I'm boasting but unfortunately all these guild achievements are due to all the heavy hitters carrying the newer ones in the guild through raids, tb(we get about 18-24 stars) and tw. If you're inclined to join, do look up xxlegions of the forcexx. Its a Malaysian-based guild but we all speak and communicate in English.
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