R2 Event

Is this enough for the event in a few weeks to get 7* R2?

Palp G10
Vader G9
Thrawn G8
Tarkin G8

They all have ability lvl 7’s and will be lvl 85 at time of event. Currently 84. I haven’t invested any zetas or omegas because I’m heavily investing in my arena NS squad right now. Nor do I want to invest much more into my Empire team right now.


  • That should be good yes. When the event comes around, moving arena mods over to the team will make the event easier.

    Also putting a zeta on Palpatines leadership ability is a worthwhile investment that really boosts the team up for GA/TW/TB.
  • Sentia
    280 posts Member
    That team and gear level ought to be okay, but you may need some of their Omega level skills. Id focus your omegas on Pal, Vader and Thrawn. Do you have an empire tank? It might help if you did.
  • I will be shifting my best mods from my NS squad to Empire for the event to give me my best chance.
  • No Empire tank. I won’t be able to have one ready in time.
  • That will be an easy auto in 20 seconds max.
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