No Dengar will i get Chewd up?

Hello there...

Been working on my Bounty hunters, so far i have a zzBossk zBoba zJango and Cad all G12 and Greedo G11. I dont think ill have time to Zeta him or G12 him before that big hairball gets here.
Im also worried that my lack of Dengar will prevent me from getting a 7* Chewie.

What kind of Mods are people without Dengar using? Im just trusting the Auto Mod button and then Trying to gold them. I havnt got particularly good mods for them all but have a good pool of mods to work with, what kind of mods should i be equiping to everyone to 7* this beast?

My bb is

any help greatly appreciated.


  • Huatimus
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    The Auto Mod button is trash, you’ll get Chewed up real good if you trust it.
    For modding purposes, I trust Grand Ivory mod optimiser.
    For strats without Dengar, someone else will have to step in.
  • You are fine man
  • You will have to restart until R2 uses his burning AoE and then hope to stun him before he can use his stealth the following turn
  • I went and did my mods off of Grandivory mod thing. I will see how the mods did when chewy comes out.
  • Ok noce one thanks for your help guys ill check out grand ivory n see what i can do against him!
  • Oh whats the best kill order as well?
  • Ninho
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    You'll be very fine.
    Kill Chewie first (consider restart if he's stealthed). However, turn order of your squad is most important. You want Boba to go last. Concentrate on one enemy, stack debuffs, execute with Boba. Never ever use AoEs as long as Chewie is alive (resets his cooldowns).
  • Onewitherr
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    My wife has a similar team. She also has a 7* IG. Would ig be a better sub for anyone on that team? Also she only has zeta on Bøssk's lead, and greedo but she has another Zeta in her pocket. Who should she zeta next?
  • Lol was easier than expected. Bot of a shuffle on my mods n he went down on the 2nd try! So for anyone wondering Dengar is not critical in this event! Now to gear the murder bears....
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