Finn useable in HAAT without C3PO?

I’m still using a standard ABC squad for full P3,P4 clear...can’t compete with C3PO teams sadly.
I’ve found JTR, sRey, BB8, R2 and RT effortlessly clear P4.
Would adding Finn instead of sRey let them do P3 as well?


  • I would argue that Finn is a better substitute for scav Rey in every phase of every raid now. Not sure if they'd get you through p3 without c3po but I wouldn't be surprised if they did.
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    I need top 3 finishes for the Jedi quest I'm on, so I broke out my Finn for the first time in a couple months and gave it a try. My C-3P0 is only 6*, so I used the same team I did before any changes and it went pretty well just now:

    I should point out that I never solo'd p2 with this team and the most damage I ever did before the change was 10m (I'm sure it was possible for me to solo it, but I never cared enough--I did my 10m and then someone finished it off. Teamwork makes the dream work.) with an average of 9m. But I should also point out that I only did 497k damage through Expose, which is a skosh over 10% of Finn's damage alone.

    So the long and the short of it, I feel, is that the team still works real well. It just works differently than it did before. I expected to see 6-7m when the window popped up, but was pleasantly surprised that it was so close to the old results I got--and I think I had bad luck with exposes, since I only did 497k damage and used to do several million. I think the damage I used to do with Expose now just got shifted over to Finn's total is all.
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