Keep farming or unlock other heroes?

I'm player level 52. This question pertains specifically to Luminara, who I just upgraded to 5*, and Fives, who I just upgraded to 4*.

LS: Chewie 4*, Luminara 5*, Lando 4*, Fives 4*, JC 3*
DS: Sid 4*, Talia 5*, Tarkin 4*, Dooku 3*, Phasma 4*
Arena: Sid, Luminara, Lando, Talia, JC
Others: Ahsoka 4*, IG-88 3*, Luke 3*, FOTP 1*

Should I keep getting Luminara/Sid/Fives shipments and JC with cantina energy? Or start unlocking Daka/HK/Boba Fett/ranking Phasma?


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    Luminara, Sidious and Fives. Get them to 7* as soon as you can. Makes a big difference
    Can't beat POE and aren't willing to change strats to defeat him? Cry nerf lol
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