Will my team work?


Should I focus on gearing anyone in particular? I've got a Zeta burning a hole in my pocket and I'm wondering, will I need it for the event?


  • Mbaren
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    You can definitely win with that team, and you don't need to zeta anything else.(you don't need to zeta any of them for the event, period, but the zetas you have won't hurt).

    Bastilla is probably the most important character to gear, T3 the least. But all of those characters (especially Bastilla and JB) have great uses outside of the event, so you can't really go wrong. I've been really enjoying scoundrels lately - combining Mission and Zaalbar with Canderous and Carth can be pretty fun in Territory Wars. So yeah. The more gear the better, but you should be okay.
  • You'll be fine. Save the extra zeta for Jedi Knight Revan.
  • For the Revan event, you can do it pretty easily with G10 Bastilla and Jolee even if the rest are at G6-7. In terms of actual usage of the toons outside of getting Revan, both Bastilla and Jolee are part of a core light-side PVP and PVE team (Revan-Bastilla-Jolee-Grand Master Yoda with either General Kenobi for offense or Hermit Yoda for crazy defense), so you have to gear those 2 anyway.
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