Help!!! need to unlock5* no dengar or bossk weak team - update got him!!!

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so i cleared tier4 with fett alone last timeand underestimatedtier 5now.fett g11 greedo g9, jango g8, sing zam g8 also. solo slaughtering me can't disable him, help!
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  • RandomSithLord
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    Your gear levels are suboptimal. You need arena level mods with that set up.
    Mod Boba for 4xCrit damage 2x Crit chance, put him in the leader slot. Potency set for the rest, for every BH in your team. 200+ speed on all of them.
  • Waqui
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    You still have a few days to gear up and practice. One thing, though:

    Don't use AoE as longs as ROLO is alive on the enemy team.

    Mod Boba for max crit dmg. and offense (also offense cross).

    Mod Greedo with crit chance triangle.

    And yes, potency for everyone else than Boba to profit from his leader ability - yes, even potency crosses instead of offense.
  • Vendi1983
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    Restart if:

    - Han hits anyone but your weakest character (damage output or needed ability wise, probably Zam in this case)
    - R2 does Smokescreen first

    Without Dengar you need R2 to open with Improvise instead.

    Then, once you've survived the opening, kill Chewie.
  • You can forget it if you don't have Dengar and Bossk. Those are mandatory.
    To unlock 7*, I used Bossk (l), Dengar, Boba, Greedo and IG. IG died immediately and Bossked followed quickly after than. Instead of quiting I threw my execute at Chewy and Dengar assisted (he got invisible from opening attack) and Greedo assisted Dengar, attacking until Chewy died :-)
    Once the Wooky died, my 3 last toons were more than enough to finish the rest, starting with Solo.
  • thx for replies got him after about 35 tries for good rng........anyone know the difference in tier6? seems they have more health for starters
    You can forget it if you don't have Dengar and Bossk. Those are mandatory.
    nope, never say never

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